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On-The-Go Meal Solution - Revolution Foods Meal Kits Review

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Revolution Foods was founded by two moms who had a dream to transform the way America eats by providing access to healthy, affordable meals at schools. They serve over one million freshly prepared meals every week to K-12 schools nationwide and their retail products are available across the country. They believe that proper nutrition is a cornerstone of providing today's youth the nourishment they need to lead successful, healthy lives. 

A moms review:
Last August we made a decision to start eating healthier. We ditched the boxed, preservative, sugar filled foods and started eating "real, whole foods" instead. It has been a fantastic journey and we are all so much healthier because of a simple change in our diet. However during our journey to eating healthier I encountered one small problem..... 

You see we are an on-the-go family. We drive about 600 miles a week around Georgia on our many adventures. And since eating at fast food restaurants is pretty much out of the question, we needed an alternative. So several times a week you will find us packing lunches. We pretty much have it down to a science now and the children enjoy assisting with the packing, but there are days that we are in a rush and forget to plan ahead and that is where Revolution Foods saves the day.

Revolution Foods Meal Kits are a convenient way for children to eat a meal made with natural, high quality ingredients. There are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The meats have no added nitrates and the kits come with real cheese.

There are currently 3 meal kit flavors to choose from:

  • Ham and Cheddar Meal Kit
  • Turkey and Cheddar Meal Kit
  • Cheese Pizza Meal Kit

Each Revolution Foods Meal Kit contains at least seven grams of whole grains, one serving of fruit and is packed with protein. 

We picked up 3 Revolution Foods Meal Kits at a local retailer during one of our recent adventures and ate them in the car. Each meal kit ingredient comes in its own little, easy to open, mess free package. They are even easy to eat while driving. I tried the Ham and Cheddar, Gwyn had the Cheese Pizza and Rowyn had the Turkey and Cheddar and of course we each thought our choice was the best. Gwyn loved the idea of building their own pizza (though they did inquire as to why there was no pepperoni). I loved the taste of the nitrate free meat and real cheese. Rowyn loved the honey, wheat crackers and kept saying how tasty they were. And I couldn't agree more with him. And both children couldn't wait to dig into their fruit snack. On the inside of the boxes there were also fun activities printed (word search and postcard) to keep the children busy during the rest of our trip.

These meal kits are truly a life saver. They are a great tasting, ready-to-eat option for home, school, camp or on-the-go. As a mom that is now very concerned about what her children are eating now I felt good knowing that they were eating a product that contained natural ingredients and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. I highly recommend these meal kits over competitor brands because of the taste, price and quality. 

Be sure to download your $1.00 off coupon before you go! Revolution Foods Meal Kits are available at Safeway stores nationwide, check the store locator for details. Retail price is around $3.49 (may vary).

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How important are healthy lunches to your family? Will you give Revolution Foods Meal Kits a try?

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