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Progeny Press Literature Study Guides - Frog and Toad Review

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Progeny Press is a Christian publisher owned by Michael and Rebecca Gilleland. They provide families with literature guides for more than 100 classic and popular works. Their mission is to provide a curriculum that teaches children to think clearly, understand literature, trust the scripture for guidance, and enjoy themselves while they do it.

A moms review: 
I am so proud to say that my daughter (age 8) is now a reading machine. She loves to read and each week when we visit the library she visits the early reader section and picks out a stack of books. So as a homeschool mom I am always looking for fun ways to enhance the books the children are reading. And that is where Progeny Press comes in handy. There are hundreds of literature guides available for children in grades K-12. We received a copy of the Frog and Toad Together e-guide to review.

The majority of the literature guides available are for Newbery, Caldecott, ALA Notable Book and Coretta Scott King award winners. So you can rest assured your children will be reading quality literature. Each literature guide is available in three versions: a physical book, a CD with a PDF ebook, or a downloadable PDF file. All of the versions however contain the same content. The upper elementary, middle and high school guides have the added bonus of being interactive, which allows children to type their answers directly into the PDF and save their work. In the back of each guide is an answer key as well.

Each guide is intended to take 8-12 weeks to work through, though the early elementary level may take less time.  To work at this pace, children will need to complete approximately one page per day. Following this format your family could complete 3-4 study a year.

More about Frog and Toad Together Book and E-Guide:
The Frog and Toad Together e-guide and book are recommended for children in grades K-3. The book is a Newbery Honor award winner and was written by Arnold Lobel. It is part of the, "I Can Read Book" series which contains over 200 titles by some of the finest authors and illustrators. The text is large and easy to read which is perfect for beginning readers. But even if your child isn't reading yet the book makes a great read aloud too. The Frog and Toad book is all about friendship and there are 5 short stories in the book. The dynamic duo enjoys baking cookies, gardening, going on adventures, and dreaming together. The stories are funny and fascinating and teach important lessons too.

We completed the Frog and Toad Together e-guide (which is 34 pages) in about 2 weeks. In the front of the e-guide is a note to the instructor which explains how to use the study guide. Next there is a synopsis of the book, information about the author and several, "before-you-read activities."

Progeny Press recommends reading the entire book before working on the e-guide, however we choose to read a chapter and then do the corresponding pages in the guide. We read 3 chapters one week and 2 the next. For each chapter there are several who, what, why, how type questions as well as open ended questions to discuss with your children. These questions help reinforce what they read as well as get them thinking. And in the back of the guide is an answer key should you need it. For the questions I would let my children dictate their answers while I wrote them down. For each chapter there are also fun hands on projects. These include experiments, crafts, baking, completing worksheets and more. At the end of the e-guide are a couple additional printable activities including a venn diagram and word search. There are also suggestions for further reading in the back of the e-guide.

Click here for a sample section of the guide!

Additional note:
If you are a secular family you can easily skip the scripture portions of the study guide if you choose and still take a lot away from the e-guide.

Gwyn (8 yrs old) review:
I really liked the book and the fun projects and crafts. I learned all about the importance of friendship.

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Where to buy:
The Frog and Toad Together e-guide is currently $11.99 and can be downloaded directly from the Progeny Press website. The prices of other e-guides may vary.

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