Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Watching Wrens - Are You Ready For Spring?

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Spring is finally in the air! This will be our first Spring and Summer with a backyard and we are just a tad bit excited. I am pretty sure I will loose my children for hours each day, but luckily they are exploring and learning so I don't mind. With the nature bag in hand they set out to learn about bugs, birds, bunnies, squirrels, rocks, minerals, trees, leaves and more. They set traps, try to start fires (I'm very happy they haven't succeeded yet), go on archaeological digs, climb trees, build tents and play with animal friends.

So have you been watching the birds get ready for Spring in your backyard? For the past couple of weeks we have been having a blast watching them. We have a sliding glass door leading  to the backyard so we can sit at the kitchen table and easily watch the birds, chipmunks, squirrels and bunnies eat from our bird feeder. Armed with our trusty nature apps from Audubon we are always ready to learn about our backyard animal friends. We have seen Cardinals, Brown Thrashers, Blue Jays, Carolina Wrens, Woodpeckers and a few others so far this year.

Here is a video that I finally finished editing, it's from last Summer. We had the privileged to watch a Carolina Wren family build their home, lay their eggs and send off 4 little baby Wrens into the World.

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