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Traveling Adventures From The Sofa

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We love taking fieldtrips and consider them to be a necessity for our homeschool family. We try to take at least 3-4 fieldtrips per month (often it's more). We visit local museums, attractions, nature centers, festivals and events. If I had my way though we would be fieldtripping across the USA or the World right now in an RV. But since we only have one car (and it's not an RV) and are tight on money right now fieldtripping around USA or World is not possible. And that is where traveling adventures from the sofa come in.

I know many homeschool families are in a similar position when it comes to fieldtrip funds. But who says you actually have to leave the house to experience a fieldtrip? You can have just as much fun and learn some pretty amazing things too from the comfort of your sofa. No money, car, plane ticket or passport required!!!

Here is a small list of some great virtual fieldtrip resources. I even broke them down by continent for you! So grab your laptop (or other mobile device), have a seat on the sofa and take and adventure!

North America:
-Jimmy Carter's Childhood Farm
-Alcatraz Island
-Presidential History Tours
-WWII Museum
-Smithsonian Virtual Tour
-Thomas Jefferson Monticello
-Mount Vernon
-1850's Historic Westville
-The Whitehouse tour option 1 and The Whitehouse tour option 2 (interactive)
-The Pentagon
-Washington Monument Tour and Photos
-Ellis Island Interactive Tour
-Outer Banks - Wright Brothers, Lighthouses and more
-Virtual Vietnam Memorial Wall
-Hershey's Chocolate Factory
-Holocaust Museum
-Explore Plimoth Plantation
-Betsy Ross House
-GA Aquarium
-Atlanta Zoo Tour and Photos
-The seven wonders of the State of Georgia
-Little White House Virtual Tour
-Stone Mountain
-Turner Field
-Tour of Canada
-Vancouver, Canada Tour
-Niagara Falls

-Visit the Louvre
-Ancient Greece
-Tower of London
-Eiffel Tower
-Anne Frank House 3D Tour

-Great Wall of China
-Japanese House Interactive Tour
-Samurai Asian Museum
-Mount Everest

-Explore Ancient Egypt - walk around the Sphinx, enter the Great Pyramid, visit tombs and temples and more
-Virtual South Africa
-Explore Africa
-Africa Cam

South America:
-Ancient Americas tour
-Explore several South American destinations

-Great Barrier Reef
-Several Australian Virtual Tours

-North Pole 
-Virtual Antarctica
-Arctic Adventure

-Trip to the Moon

Other great resources:
-Google Earth
-360 Cities
-Global Trek on Scholastic is tons of fun, you can even keep a virtual journal of your adventures.
-Mosques Around The World
-LDS Homeschooling has another huge list of virtual tours including factories, nature an science tours and more.
-Virtual agriculture tours. Learn about milk, apples and farms.
-Virtual Free Sites has compiled a great list.
-I listed a few of the National Park Service virtual tours above, but be sure to visit their website for even more.
-Ustream has lots of great live feed videos from around the World.

Also check into educational webinars. These can be tons of fun and most of the time they are free. Google Doodlers has an upcoming one on March 5th at 1 pm ET called "From Sketches to the Google Homepage," register here. Also we have thoroughly enjoyed the National Wildlife Federation webinars. Right now they are running a series on Climate change and you can watch past webinars here.

What fun virtual fieldtrips have you taken lately?

Also be sure to head over to Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog to find more virtual fieldtrip resources!


Kimberly B said...

I travel the world from my desk all the time. Although I would love to actually be there I have probably seen and learned more the places I visit than I would have if I actually would have traveled there. My grandson loves doing this too. You have a ton of great links I'm going to share with him so we can go traveling together.

Stopping by from BYB challenge.

Kim Staten said...

Great list of 'field trips"! We live overseas and we do travel most of the U.S. when we are stateside (in our RV), but we have still not been to most of these places! A great list to explore on the upcoming rainy spring days. Kim from Life Over C's

Angie McFarren said...

Thanks Kathy for the fabulous list of resources. I am bookmarking this page.

H.O.P.E. Home School Consulting

Susan F Williams said...

Love this list!! Saving and sharing.

ASliceofHomeschoolPie said...

I'm printing this list and pinning it! ~Clara

MMASpecialist said...

I'm glad you made this list up b/c I've been on a few virtual ones before in the past, but couldn't find them. Now I can bookmark the list. One day I want to be in an RV traveling the USA TOO!

Holly said...

Fun idea! Stopping by for #BYB100

Merri Dennis said...

Kathy - This is a great list. Thanks so much compiling so many fun adventures in one place. I'm adding it to my bookmark list.
I'm stopping by from the 100 Days Challenge.

Jessica Humphrey said...

Love these ideas - I'm a teacher in an urban school district, so sometimes virtual field trips are the only option!

Cristyl @ CHill Thoughts said...

What a wonderful resource this is! I'm like you...I'd love to "field-trip" all over in an RV. Maybe some day!

-Cristyl @

TaMara said...

What a great resource! I'm pinning this to use with my homeschooling. Now I need to start adding them to my lesson plans.

Beth Hollmann said...

These are great resources, Kathy! Thank you! I confess, we don't do as many field trips as perhaps we should. Now that my girls are older (7th and 8th grades), they have more to do and less free time. We also have something going on every evening during the week. Virtual field trips are more do-able for us right now, for sure. #BB100

Danielle jones said...

I like so many but Mexican would be my favorite. I also love real Italian pizza, but haven't found it yet in the states.

Harley Rider said...

I love latin food but need to learn to cook it myself.

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