Sunday, February 23, 2014

Health Mart Pharmacy Champions of Care Challenge

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As you know I am a big advocate for non-profits and charity organizations that help local communities. I have written in the past about how important it is for children to get involved in their community and volunteer their time (read here). We enjoy volunteering as a family at animal rescues, nursing homes and our local nature center. We have even picked up garbage at a local park while visiting the playground. We have raised money for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation which helps fight childhood cancer and the National Diabetes Foundation. And we donate toys, clothes and other household items to local charities and when we can we donate money too. Sometimes I wish our family could do more though. So today I wanted to tell you about the Health Mart Pharmacy Champions of Care Challenge. This challenge provides an easy way for you and your family to do more and help a community health non-profit organization.

All across America, caring people are quietly doing amazing things for the health of their community. As a family that has been uninsured several times and experienced some financial struggles over the years we have personally run into some of these amazing people. Some of the amazing things that our family has experienced include free shots for the children, food for our family, soccer team registration and insulin and glucometer test strips.

To say thank you, Health Mart independent pharmacists are awarding $50,000 in grants to community health non-profits to recognize them for improving health and well-being in their communities. It is simple to enter and by doing so you and your family can easily help a community health non-profit. All you need to do is tell your story about how you or someone you know has promoted healthy activities in your community and you could win the right to select the non-profit of your choice to receive thousands of dollars so that they may continue their very important work for the health of their community.


  • A $30,000 grant chosen by the grand prize winner
  • A $3,000 grant chosen by the 2nd place winner
  • A $2,000 grant chosen by the 3rd place winner
  • $1,000 grants chosen by each of 15 finalists

Visit RIGHT NOW and nominate someone or yourself for the Champions of Care Challenge from Health Mart. It literally only takes 10 minutes. So think about all those special people in your community who have helped you or others. It could be a coach, neighbor, friend or family member. No good deed is too small. Perhaps your hero is someone who takes food to the elderly, cares day in and day out for a sick loved one, started a women's shelter or pays for medicines when someone cannot afford them....the list goes on!

Starting on March 17th, the public will have two weeks to vote for their favorite Champions of Care.

Health Mart's Champions of Care Challenge will shine a bright light on those unsung local heroes whose everyday actions have built healthier families, workplaces, neighborhoods and communities.

To learn more watch the Healthmart video below...


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