Monday, January 13, 2014

Make It Monday - Valentine's Day Tissue-Paper Flowers

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Hello and welcome to my new link up Make It Monday! If you or your children made something awesome recently link it up. It can be a Lego creation, a beautiful masterpiece, a creative craft or a delicious get the point! If it is something you made and created with your own two hands you can link it up.

Today I have a super easy and inexpensive craft to share with you. These lovely tissue-paper flowers make a terrific Valentines bouquet, a pretty corsage, an adorable flower ring and even a tasty treat holder. I bought all of the supplies at Dollar Tree.


3 Simple Materials:
-Assorted colors of tissue paper
-Pipe cleaners
-Candy if you are making treat holders

3 Simple Instructions:
1) Cut 4 pieces of tissue-paper into squares. Size just depends on how big you want them to be. We made most of our large ones (with the exception of the ring) about 5-6 inches squared.
2) Put them in a pile and fold it like an accordion.
3) Tie the center with a pipe cleaner and then very gently pull each piece of paper apart into flower shape.

**If you want to make a tasty treat holder just glue a piece of candy or use a pipe cleaner to tie a piece of candy to the center of the flower. For the ring follow the instructions above but make the flower smaller flower and then make a ring out of the pipe cleaner to fit your finger. For some added fun you can even spritz the flowers with perfume to make them smell good!

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Link up: Make It Monday with Kathy's Cluttered Mind.


Nicole L said...

thank you --- linked up! I am a fellow homeschooler too and we both are friends with Kristine Scott! Have a great week!

Suzanne said...

I so loved making those as a kid! I wish A was as into crafts as I was at her age!

BalancingMama (julie) said...

Ooh, my daughter would love to make these! And they aren't messy... mama likes that :)

Mary said...

cute, Kathy! I need to show these to Anna because she would love to make them. :-) Thanks for linking with #collagefriday!

leslipeterson said...

What a great idea. Grammy's bday is coming up...we just might make her a bouquet!

Almost Supermom said...

We love making these!!! Y'all did a great job!

Katherine Gilbert said...

This looks like it would be so much fun to make. Adorable!!

p_rushworth said...

Hi Kathy. Thanks for sharing with us over at the Virtual Fridge. Your post is this weeks feature.

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