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Galapagos Islands Review and Facebook Party Reminder

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This month for the Moms of MasterBooks we reviewed Galapagos Islands - a different view! Below is my review about the books as well as further details about this months Facebook party. To read more reviews visit the NLPG Blog.

A moms review:
We absolutely loved the Galapagos Islands book. The hard back book is a 97 pages. Dr. Georgia Purdomis the General Editor, however there were many other writers, reviewers and editors who contributed to the book. Our favorite part about the book was the beautiful, vibrant photographs. They are absolutely breathtaking. Visiting the Galapagos is definitely on my bucket list...but it may be awhile before we get to visit. So with this book in hand you and your family can take a virtual fieldtrip (no passport required) to the Galapagos to learn about the Lava Lizard, Blue-Footed Boobie, Galapagos Tortoise, Mangroves, Native Sunflowers, Prickly Pears, volcanoes and more.

The book is loaded with amazing facts and information regarding the Galapagos Islands, Darwin and biblical worldview. Throughout the book there are biblical scriptures which support a biblical worldview of creation. This book was a great addition to our science and geography studies. The book is geared towards middle/high school children and adults however it also works well as a read aloud for younger children. I utilized it with my 6 and 7 year old. The beautiful photos really help keep younger children's attention.

The book is broken down into several sections:

-Stones and Stars
-Climate, Currents and Colonization
-Life and Legacy
-Flora and Fauna
-Reflections on the Galapagos
More about the book:
  • Observe the wondrous diversity of life, including birds, reptiles, and plants
  • Learn how Darwin's worldview and the biblical worldview differ and the importance of this in studying the Gal├ípagos
  • With poignant chapters from Ken Ham, John Morris, John C. Whitcomb, Danny Faulkner, Gary Parker, and more!
Where Darwin once visited and later used evidence from to support his faulty case for evolution, discover the wonder of God in this full-color book filled with vibrant images of these glorious islands in the Pacific, as well as powerful insights that give Him the glory due His name. Your faith will be strengthened as you learn the importance of a biblical worldview from some of the best apologetics speakers in the country. It's an overall emphasis on Galápagos as testament to God's majesty and mercy rather than the empty legacy of one man!

This is a great book for the entire family! It is a book that you can proudly display on your coffee table. Be sure to preview the book here.

Check out the book trailer here:   


What: Mom's of Master Books Facebook Party  (RSVP here)

 Master Books' Facebook Page

When: January 28, 2014 at 9 pm EST

Why: We’ll be chatting with the review team, having some great discussions AND you’ll have the chance to WIN some awesome prizes.

Where to buy:
You can purchase Galapagos Islands - a different view for $18.99 each at New Leaf Publishing. There are also digital download options for $9.99. You can also get the books on Amazon.

Be sure to visit the other Moms Of Master Books to see what they thought.

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