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FreeBEE Friday - Free Civil War Resources

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Welcome to a New Year of FreeBEEs. Every Friday I will share a great list of educational FreeBEE resources. PLUS...there's the added bonus of this being a monthly link up...where you can showcase your freebie posts or discover more amazing freebies from my blogging friends. The blogger link up will start on the first Friday of every month and end on the first day of the following month. Each month there will be a new link up. Link up anything that is educational and FREE including GIVEAWAYS!


If there is one topic that I have learned a lot about during our 3 years of homeschooling it is the Civil War. I have learned more about the Civil War in the last 3 years than I ever did in my 12 years of public schooling. We live in GA a state that had a Civil War battle with the second highest death toll at Chickamauga - 34,624 casualties. Gettysburg had the highest with 51,000.

Black History month is in February and it is a great time to note only learn about famous African Americans but also the Civil War.

If you are learning about the Civil War in your homeschool right now here are some awesome Free resources you need to check out.

Free Civil War resources: - student section, teacher section and history FAQ section
-The Main State Library has lots of fabulous Civil War resources
-The Civil War: A Nation Divided lesson plan
-A2Zhomeschooling has lots of links to fabulous Civil War resources
-Homeschool Share Civil War Lapbook
-CurrClick - History Scholar Civil War Times 50 cents and Happy Scribe Copybooks Civil War Times 50 cents (not FREE but very inexpensive)
-The Faces of Lincoln
-Civil War printable worksheets
-Super Pop Up Reports: Civil War - These are cut out Civil War characters.
-Make a Civil War drum
-John Wilkes Booth wanted poster and John Wilkes Booth escape route poster
-50 page, full color printable book of the presidents
-An Interactive Tour of Natchez: Check out this interactive, narrated tour of a Southern planter’s house and grounds. 
-Civil War coloring pages
-Civil War wordsearch
-Civil War tests

Free Civil War eBooks:
-Taken by the Enemy
-Within the Enemy Lines
-On the Blockade
-Stand by the Union
-Fighting for the Right
-A Victorious Union
-With Lee in Virginia - A Story of the American Civil War
-Friends, through Divided: A Tale of the Civil War
-Uncle Toms Cabin
-Harriet, the Moses of Her People
-The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas using a free PDF file from
-Adventure Tales of the Civil War and Reconstruction - read online

A few weeks ago this awesome video The Civil War in Four Minutes was available to watch online but was removed for copyright infringement. It was absolutely amazing though and I highly recommend purchasing The Civil War In Four Minutes DVD. I will definitely be buying it as soon as I have some spending money.

More awesome videos:
-The Civil War Trust has tons of awesome videos (I love their 4 minute videos)
-Liberty Kids - Conflict in the South (2 part)
-Causes Of The American Civil War 
-A Summary of The Civil War Civil War videos

I hope you find these resources useful. If you ever have any questions feel free to leave me a comment or email me. Also be sure to follow my FB page where I post FreeBEEs daily.

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Remember when it comes to FREE resources the internet and a good search engine are your best friend. Oh and a library card!

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