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RoseArt Magic Fun Dough Review - Princess and Pony Set

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I am sure you have all heard of RoseArt before. I have reviewed many of their fabulous products on my blog over the last couple years. RoseArt is a division of MEGA Brands, a global organization that operates out of North America. The companies mission is to provide stimulating, creative experiences for children and families through innovative, well-designed, affordable and high-quality products. And nurture creativity in every child and family!

RoseArt is celebrating their 90th anniversary so be sure to head over to their Facebook Page to enter the 90th Anniversary Facebook Sweepstakes for a chance to win $1,000 in holiday spending "dough" or weekly gift cards and prize pack.

A moms review:
We received a fun NEW product to review called Magic Fun Dough. But we didn't just receive the Magic Fun Dough we also got one of the awesome NEW playset kits. There are 6 kits, 3 geared toward boys and 3 geared toward girls. Though I will say my son had no problem playing with the Princess and Pony Kit. 

-Princess and Ponies
-Pet Shop
-Pirate Cove
-Fairy Tea Party
-Volcano Valley

The kits are designed for children ages 3 years and older and will provide hours of fun. My 6 and 7 year old had a blast, making creations and then playing with them. The box the kits come in are bright and colorful and sure to capture any child's attention. And the playset is so easy to assemble, a 7 year old can do it.

 Included in each kit:

-Rolling Pin - to roll out dough
-Plastic Knife - to trim excess dough from edges
-35 Magic Transfers - to transform your dough into full color art
-Magic Transfer Water Pen - to apply a little bit of magic dust (aka water) with your wand (aka water pen)
-Magic Transfer Press - press and say the magic words
-4 Dough Cutters - to cut your new creations out perfectly 
-4 Dough Stands - apply your new creations so they can stand up for playing
-4 Magic Dough Containers (3 oz per tube)
-Playset With Stickers And Molds - for hours of fun

Magic Fun Dough is unique and not your typical dough BECAUSE you can apply colorful Magic Transfers (which are like a temporary tattoo) directly onto your dough to make your creations come alive. But don't worry the transfers are not permanent and you can simply squish, mash and roll your dough and watch your transfers magically disappear into the dough so you can reuse it to create more eye popping creations. 

It's as easy as....

The princess kit had princess, prince, gem, pony and frog Magic Transfers. I think the fact there was a prince is why Rowyn didn't mind playing with the set. He really liked the Magic Wishing Well press too. There are orange, pink and blue princesses and ponies. Gwyns favorite was the pink of course. The transfers are super easy to apply and I only needed to show the children once. Once they create their fun characters they can add accessories like necklaces and crowns using the molds on the playset. They can also use the molds on the playset to decorate the castle with some wreaths and butterflies. And of course no castle is complete without lots of jewels. Finally it's time for the princess to find her prince charming. She may need some help from her pony friends or perhaps the frog in the wishing well. Watch your child's imagination run wild as they created lots of stories with their Magic Fun Dough playset.

Please be sure to check out Gwyn's Vlog! She would love it if you left her a comment or gave her a thumbs up!

I think it is safe to say that the NEW Magic Fun Dough sets are a HUGE hit with my kids. I think another kit may be under the Christmas Tree for them...shhhhhh! Visit the website to find out more about Magic Fun Dough.

Gwyns review (7 yrs old):
I love the Magic Fun Dough. It is lots of fun to create stuff and lots of fun to play with the people and ponies too. It is even easy to clean up!

Rowyns review (6 yrs old):
I had super fun. I like the prince, wishing well and frog best. I want to play with the dough all the time.

Links to follow:
-RoseArt Website
-RoseArt Facebook
-RoseArt Twitter
-RoseArt Pinterest

Where to buy:
Magic Fun Dough activity sets by MEGA Brands are $9.99-$14.99 and can be purchased from local retailers like Target, Walmart and Amazon. These play sets are so affordable and are the perfect gift for any holiday or occasion. Look for them near the craft kits section of your favorite store!


Francine Morrell said...

Love this! I am going to looking into this for my little guys!

Helene Bludman said...

Great gift idea for kids! This is way better than PlayDoh. :)

Cynthia L said...

When my daughter was young, we used to purchase Rose Art all of the time. They have such great kits and items.

sparsameLady said...

This looks like a fun kit for kids and I love the variety of kits offered. Barnyard and Volcano would probably be what my little one would want for Christmas

Shannah at Just Us Four said...

This looks like so much fun! I love it.

Pam W said...

How cool is that! My kids used to play with Rose Art kits all the time when they were younger.

Debbie Denny said...

Great hands on fun! Love activities like this!

homemakinghacks said...

Wow, how cute is this? I haven't seen these around yet. I am totally going to have to pick a set up for my nieces. They will adore this! Love all your fun pics! So cute!

Amy Desrosiers said...

Your kids look like they enjoyed this product! My kids love Magic Fun Dough!

Javeriya said...

This seems such fun. I feel like playing with it too! XD

Mama to 5 Blessings said...

cute, my daughter would love this especially putting the impressions on the dough.

Vonnie B. said...

Play dough.....timeless fun that never gets old! :-)

blm03 said...

SOunds like a great Xmas gift!

Wendy Kaufman said...

The transfers are super fun! Nice change of pace. My son would be occupied for hours with this.

Janeane Davis said...

Roseart has such a big selection of fun art projects for kids.

Stacie Haight Connerty said...

I really love Roseart, the quality and price are both excellent. My kids love them as well. :)

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I've never seen dough where you can do the transfers like that. Wow, what a neat idea!

Danielle said...

Oh this is awesome, I didn't know that Rose Art made play dough!

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