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365 Days of Pinterest Link Up - Week 3 and 4 - Recipes, Science, Arts and Crafts and More

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Welcome to 365 Days of Pinterest Week 3 and 4! I am teaming up with my great friend Almost Supermom for this fun challenge. 

The challenge is simple just choose a pin from one of your many boards and do it! Then blog about it and link up. You can choose to do a post every day like Almost Supermom is or you or you can do a weekly wrap up on Saturday/Sunday like I am! So what are you waiting for? Do something with those thousands of pins (we know you have that many) and join us over the next 365 days!!! 

Be sure to follow our Pinterest boards Almost Supermom and Kathys Cluttered Mind to see what sort of stuff we will be doing.

As you know we were very busy been moving into our new place last month so I had to take a few weeks off from from doing any Pinterest projects. I hope to get back on track this month starting this week. Throughout the month though while organizing our new place I often looked to Pinterest for inspiration and ideas. So here are my Pinterest projects that I was able to squeeze in here and there last month (remember it's okay to modify). 

Day 15 - Slime  (we had a blast doing this one with the Almost Superomom kids)

-3/4 cup liquid starch
-1 cup clear glue
-Food coloring (optional)

What to do:
Mix the food coloring (1 drop is more than enough) and glue together, then add liquid starch and mix until it forms into slime. That's it! It starts out a little runny, but as you play with it more and more it becomes more stretchy and less slippery. 

Tips:A little goes a long way with food coloring, one drop is all you need to get good color.
If you use food coloring, have the kids in old t shirts and over a surface that can get stained with food coloring (great outdoor activity!) once the slime is played with, and becomes less slippery, then the food coloring stays put and won't ruin any surfaces.

Science behind it:
Glue is a liquid polymer, the microscopic molecules in the glue are in strands, like a chain. When you add the liquid starch, the strands of the glue hold together, giving it its slimy feel. The starch acts as a cross-linker that links all the polymer strands together.

Had we had more time we would have made this more scientific by experimenting with adding more or less starch or trying different glues to see if it made a difference.

The kids had so much fun and played with their slim for days...until it ended up on some clothes and wouldn't come out (so DO NOT let it get on clothes). 

Day 16 - Flash Card Organization

-Hole puncher (my scrapbook hole puncher worked the best)
-Flash cards
-Binder rings (amazon has the best deal)
-Bin, basket, shoe box etc

What to do:
Tired of flash cards getting lost? Tired of the flash card boxes falling apart? Here is a super simple solution. Just hole punch a corner, but a binder clip through the holes and then put your flash cards into a bin, basket etc to keep them nicely stored without taking up tons of room! 

Day 17 - Puzzle Organization

-Markers, stickers, crayons
-Ziplock baggies

What to do:
Tired of puzzle pieces getting mixed up? Tired of boxes taking up room or getting destroyed? Here is a super simple way to organize your puzzles to remedy those issues. First make sure you have all the puzzle pieces. Next label the backs of the pieces with a color, shape, sticker, number, etc. I choose to do colors and shapes with markers. Next put the pieces into a ziplock baggie. I also cut out the picture of the puzzle from the box and stuck it into the baggie. I store our puzzles on our Ikea bookcase in canvas bin.

Day 18 - Truffala Trees Decoration
Our new schoolroom is Dr. Seuss themed and needed a few more decorations so I decided to use Pinterest for some inspiration and made this Truffala Tree decoration!

-Small fur boas
-Floral stakes
-Yellow paint
-Black marker
-Styrofoam (balls work great, I used what I had on hand)

What to do:
First paint the floral stakes yellow. After they are dried draw black stripes around them with a permanent marker. Next take a small piece of styrofoam (you will need 3 balls total) and wrap the fur boa around the syrofoam. I used low temp hot glue. After all 3 balls are wrapped place the plant stakes into the balls and glue in place. Next place a piece of styrofoam into your container and then push the stakes into the container. Add moss, etc to the container. Now you are done and have your very own Truffala Trees.

Day 19 - Eggplant Chips
We have started eating the Primal diet so you will be seeing more recipes now on my blog. One of the first things I attempted to make was eggplant chips. They didn't turn out crispy but the family still loved them. Click link for the full recipe.

Day 20 - Salt Art

-Construction Paper
-Eye droppers
-Food Coloring

What to do:
Have the kids draw designs on construction paper with glue. Next sprinkle salt onto the glue just like you would glitter. Be sure to shake off any excess. Next use eyedroppers and food coloring (mixed with a little water) to color the salt creations. It is lots of fun!!!

Day 21 - Underwater Volcano Science Lesson
This project was lots of fun and a great way to show the kids how a volcano underwater explodes. Adult supervision is required for this project.

-Glass jar

What to do:
It took us a few attempts to get this to work and we finally were successful when we just places the jar directly onto the stove burner. I was trying to be a little safer and originally tried using a pot with water.

First add a candle to the bottom of a glass jar. Next add sand on top of the candle. Then fill the jar with water. Next place the jar over a burner and keep a close eye on it. Once the wax gets hot enough you will see it start to escape from the sand (just like magma). The kids thought it was fascinating how it bubbled up through the sand and made the sand move. After several minutes the was really started coming to the surface and eventually the surface of the water was covered in wax. The kids wanted to see what would happen to the wax after the water cooled so we left our project sit out for a little bit to see what would happen. 

I made this delicious Spinach, Beef and Cheese Casserole for dinner one night and it was a huge hit. Hubby had a few recommendations though for the next time I make the dish, like more eggs, a little less spinach and more cottage cheese. Click link for the full recipe.

Another primal meal hit, cheese steak stuffed peppers. Only changes I made to this one was adding pepper jack cheese. Click link for the full recipe.

Day 24 - Finding Insect Species
My kids love insects. Any time they find an insect they want to know what type it is and learn more about it. And now that they have a yard to explore they have been bringing in all kinds of buggy visitors. Thank goodness I have a Bug Board on Pinterest where I pin various bug related resources like bug unit studies, websites, crafts, etc. It makes it so much easier to learn more about their newest buggy discovery! The link above helped us find out that the caterpillar the kids found was not a butterfly but an Orangestriped Oakworm Larva.

Our family loves soup but going Primal means no more buying canned soup from the store. I found this great recipe on Pinterest and it was another hit. We did top our soup with a little bit of cheese and sour cream as well! Click link for the full recipe.

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