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Rock 'N Learn Spanish Bundle Review and Educents Deal

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Are you ready to Rock 'N Learn? Rock 'N Learn makes fabulous products that parents and teachers trust and kids love. They have won over 150 awards. Rock 'N Learn has a variety of products ranging from educational DVDs, music CDs and Mobile apps that will help your children learn easily and effectively in a FUN way.

A moms review:
Hola! We received the Rock 'N Learn Spanish Volume I and II DVD + the Volume I Audio CD & Book and the Volume II CD & Book. This set is recommended for children age 6 and up. I utilized the Spanish Bundle with both my 6 and 7 year old and they absolutely loved them. It's no surprise that the Rock 'N Learn Spanish DVD received 2 awards!!!!

I personally feel that it is very important for my children to learn how to speak and understand multiple languages. Spanish is definitely at the top of the list. One of the great advantages pf  homeschooling is that my children can begin to learn other languages at an early age and the Rock 'N Learn DVDs are a fun way to do just that!

Spanish Volumes 1 & 2 DVD Cover

The Spanish Language Bundle includes:

Spanish DVD Volume 1 &2
  • Both Volumes on one disc
  • Delayed answers make it easy to check your progress
  • Covers 26 topics and themes
  • Ages 6 & up. Approx. 55 minutes each

Spanish Volume 1 CD & Book
  • Covers greetings, counting, numbers, colors, bodies, meals, school and more
  • On Part A, learners listen to words or phrases in English and then hear them in Spanish
  • On Part B, learners hear the Spanish phrases followed by English to help check their understanding

o    Works well with Spanish-speaking students who want to learn English
o    Softcover, 32 pages
o    Ages 6 & up. Approx. 55 minutes

Spanish Volume 2 CD & Book
  • Covers subject pronouns, telling time to the hour, days of the week, months of the year, question words, travel phrases and more
  • On Part A, learners listen to words or phrases in English and then hear them in Spanish
  • On Part B, learners hear the Spanish phrases followed by English to help check their understanding

o    Works well with Spanish-speaking students who want to learn English
o    Softcover  32 pages
o    Ages 6 & up. Approx. 55 minutes

The DVDs, Audio CD and Book cover useful words, sentences and phrases in a fun way through catchy songs and lots of repetition. After each lesson children will get additional practice by using what they learned in conversational sentences. Many of the rock songs utilized Spanish beats and instruments which added an extra cultural benefit. Children will learn things like, greetings, colors, numbers, body parts, seasons and much more. The DVDs are very colorful and use a combination of real people as well as animation. The are very engaging and both of my children were glued to the TV and could immediately recite the songs. I loved hearing the kids reciting the songs all on their own throughout the day as they were going about their normal activities. 

Division Rock

The audio CDs and books were great for learning on the go and reinforcing what was learned on the DVD. All the pages in the Rock 'N Learn books are reproducible which is helpful if you are using the program with multiple children or perhaps want to make a poster, coloring page or activity page for your children.

Spanish Volume 1 CD CoverSpanish Volume 2 CD Cover

How we use these in our homeschool:
We have been utilizing these DVDs during our foreign language lessons several times a week. I decided to only introduce the kids to 1 lesson per week. This method worked well for us and insured that the kids did not become frustrated. It also allowed them master the words and/or phrases before moving onto another lesson.

With the Rock 'N Learn Spanish bundle Children will learn Spanish in no time. 

Be sure to check out this sample:

Rock 'N Learn also makes Mobile apps for Android and iPhone, iBooks, iTunes and Audio CDs. We have a couple of the Android Apps and they are favorites in our house.

If you miss this amazing special (see below) be sure to also check out the Rock 'N Learn specials page and sign up for their special offers email as well.

Gwyn (7 yrs old) and Rowyns (6 yrs old) review:
Gwyn, "The DVD's are fun. I can say my colors and numbers now in Spanish. I can also say hello and goodbye"

Rowyn, "I learned Spanish. The DVDs are fun."

Links to follow:
-Rock 'N Learn Website
-Rock 'N Learn Facebook 
Rock 'N Learn Twitter page

Where to buy:
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