Friday, August 2, 2013

Calling All LEGO Lovers - HUGE Deals And Steals

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I wanted to quickly tell you about the GREAT deals going on over at Zulily right now! The last two times they ran these deals I was sure to stock up for my LEGO loving kids! Now's a great time to stock up now for birthday and Christmas presents. Zulily deals end in 2 days so HURRY! There are items starting at $9.99 and items are up to 60% off!

Here are some of the awesome items:

These books and sets are great for homeschool use:

Have fun shopping at Zulily!

*Prices subject to change.


Brandy said...

Thank you for this! My youngest is a HUGE Lego lover!

Diane said...

All this looks wonderful. Thanks for the heads up. Our Cooperative will have a LEGO Design class this semester that all the kids are looking forward to.

Sarah Jones said...

The Lego ideas book sounds fun. A child making their own designs learns so much more than one needing a parent to help with a kit.

Marcy @ Ben and Me said...

Ben has that Lego Ideas book and still loves it. Legos are just timeless!

momteaches2 said...

What an awesome list of Lego goodies! My kids would have loved all of these a few years ago. Sadly, all my Legos are now in storage waiting {a long time} until I can share them with my grandkids.

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