Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Prizes, Praises, Packing, Painting, Preparing and Please God Help Me

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Well July is here. Where is this year going?

I can tell you July is going to fly back for us as we begin packing for our move into a rental house. I am very excited about getting out of an apartment and into a house that sits on a cul-de-sac (where the kids are very excited about riding their bikes) and has a nice wooded backyard (where the kids are excited about exploring nature). However I must say that even though I am excited about the house I am not so excited about the packing and moving part. This will be our 7th move in 13 years. Oh and I will be painting some furniture too this month. The kids will finally have their own rooms (they have been sharing for the last 4 years)...so that means some furniture will be getting a makeover and some fun crafty projects (look another P word) will be taking place. So if you don't see me blogging or on social media very much this is why.

Even though I will not be having much fun, it doesn't mean you can't. I will be offering several great giveaways on my blog this month so be sure to check back frequently so you can win some great prizes. You can easily check for any new giveaways by clicking my giveaway tab.

I will also have lots of great reviews for you this month (I am trying to get caught up before we start a new school year).  I love praising great homeschool companies and field trip destinations and I hope you enjoy reading about them. I am not sure if you noticed, but many times when I right a review post I try to always share some amazing freebies that the company offers (printables, articles, etc) as well as additional resources we used along side the item we were reviewing. All our reviews can easily be viewed by clicking my review tab.

And if all this isn't enough, painting, packing, writing praises and setting up prizes I am also in the process of preparing for next school year.

Please God help me! Prayers (another P word) are appreciated!


Michele Pleasants said...

Having just done our own move, I will be praying for you for sure! May it be a smooth transition with minimal disruption.

GAHCindy said...

Woohoo, a house!

Brittney said...

We moved less than a week ago, so I feel your pain! Prayers!

Rebecca Brandt said...

Congrats, Kathy! I know this will be a great move for you guys

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