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365 Days of Pinterest Link Up - Week 1

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I would like to introduce you to a fun new link up and my friends blog Almost Supermom. Jordyn is a the group leader for our local homeschool group, a great wife, amazing mom to 6 beautiful children and the greatest friend anyone could ever ask for. For the last few weeks I have been helping her get her blog up and running, doesn't it look great?

Well she had a brilliant idea to put all those pins she has been adding to her Pinterest boards to good use and is committing to doing a Pinterest activity everyday with her kids over the next year. I convinced her it would make a great link up and so we are teaming up and encouraging you to do something with those thousands of pins (we know you have that many) with us over the next 365 days.

It is really simple choose a pin from one of your many boards and do it! Then blog about it and link up. Because of everything else I have to blog about (reviews, giveaways, etc) I will not be posting my activities everyday (and with my upcoming move I may get a little behind) but I will be doing a weekly pin wrap up and linking up.

Be sure to follow Almost Supermom as well as Kathys Cluttered Mind Pinterest boards to see what sort of stuff we will be doing.

So here are my Pinterest projects this week (remember it's okay to modify):

Day 1 - Tin Can Caddy

-6 Tin cans
-Fun embellishments-Scissors
-Scrapbook paper
-Instead of using twin like the original pin I used a metal milk bottle carrier that I found on clearance several years ago and had laying around not being used for anything.

What to do:
Cut strips of paper to fit around the tin cans. Glue in place and embellish as desired. Follow the original instructions in the pin for using twine or purchase a milk bottle carrier. These caddies can hold anything art supplies, silverware, flowers, etc. I am planning to put ours in our new Dr. Seuss themed homeschool schoolroom to hold the kids art supplies.

Day 2 - Clipboard Wall Display 

-Double sided sticky tape
-Scissors/X-Acto knife-Scrapbook paper
-Clipboards (Dollar Tree has the best deal but they can be hit or miss)

What to do:
Cut paper to fit the clip boards, trip as needed, the tricky part is trimming around the clamp. An X-Acto knife makes cutting around the clamp much easier. You can embellish the clip boards as desired as well. This is another item I made for our new Dr. Seuss themed homeschool schoolroom. These clipboards will hang on the wall and will be a place for the kids to display their current art projects.

Day 3 - Painted Shells - This info is also posted in my shell unit study along with another fun craft with shells.

-Large white shells

What to do:
Another quick and simple project. Simply have the kids paint whatever they want on the shells. Then let them dry. My kids choose to paint sea creatures on theirs including a starfish, crab and dolphin.

Day 4 -Tornado In A Jar (we had a blast doing this one with the Almost Superomom kids)

-Pint sized jar (small jars seemed to work better)
-Tsp of dish soap (NOT Dawn, Dial worked much better)
-Tsp of vinegar

What to do:

Fill a jar with warm water, add teaspoon of dish soap and a teaspoon of vinegar. Put the lid on very tightly and shake in a circular motion with the jar parallel to the floor for 5-10 seconds. Ta-dah! You have made a tornado in a jar...about an F1 or F2.

All the kids had fun with this experiment. We experimented with different amounts of soap, water temperature and soap types to see what produced a better tornado. The above mentioned materials were what worked best for us. 

Why it works:

Inside the jar, the fluid on the outside starts spinning before the fluid at the center. When you set the jar down, you see the fluid on the outside slowing down as the fluid on the inside continues to spin. You are seeing the formation of a vortex.  

Day 5 - Handmade Rainstick

-Paper towel tube or other long tube
-Aluminum foil
-Small dried beans, rice, pasta, etc
-Crayons, markers glitter, etc

What to do:
Decorate your tube as desired. Next make a circle by tracing around your tube onto a piece of  paper, make 2 of these. Draw a bigger circle around that circle and then cut several spokes between the two circles. Glue the spokes onto one end of the tub to make a cap. Cut a piece of aluminum foil about one and half times the length of your tube and about 6 inches wide. Crunch it to make a long snake like shape then twist the foil into a spring shape. Put the foil into the tube. Next pour in some rices, pasta or beans. Fill the tube only about 1/10. Have fun and experiment to see how different amounts and different types of beans, etc change the sound. Take the remaining circle and glue the spokes onto the other end of the tube to cap it. I found that tape was a lot more secure for affixing the circles to the ends.  Now have fun and make some music!

Day 6 - Schoolroom Calendar
A couple of years ago I made a great calendar board for our schoolroom very similar to the one pinned. It was a great calendar and performed its job perfectly. Velcro dots are the greatest invention ever when it comes to organizing schoolrooms. This year our calendar will have very similar items on it but it will be Dr. Seuss themed. I found this great Dr. Seuss bulletin board calendar at Michaels then used my nifty sticky Velcro dots to make changing the days each month much easier.

-An awesome bulletin/wall calendar
-Sticky Velcro dots

What to do:
Pretty self explanatory. Put a dot with hooks onto the calendar and put the dot with loops on the day and ta-da!

Day 7 - Took the day off due to the SE Homeschool Expo. I know it's not very good to miss a day within the first week but our lives are a little crazy right now.

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