Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Packing For A Homeschool Convention...I'm Headed To Teach Them Diligently

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Wow I cannot believe that May is almost here! You know what that means right? The Spartanburg Teach Them Diligently Convention is this week. Wow that just snuck right up on me! We will be gone 14 days in May...that is almost half the month. I will be attending 2 homeschool conventions, both of them Teach Them Diligently Conventions of course. Plus we have a family camping trip at the beach. I think I am just going to pack my bag and not bother unpacking it. What do you think?

So what do I pack and how do I keep track of what I need to pack? Well here is my personal packing list and some tips/tricks.

First and foremost a GREAT bag is a must. In a previous post I mentioned my rolling duffle bag. I purchased a Jeep rolling duffle bag from Walmart very similar to this one on Amazon (the Amazon one is cheaper). I love this bag because I can pack all our clothes in it, unpack it at the hotel and then use it at the convention for purchases and other miscellaneous goodies. Teach Them Diligently also provides all attendees with an adorable tote bag.

Because of the recent health issues I have been having, I have found myself very foggy writing down everything is a must. I have a great little app on my Android phone and tablet that I use for everything. It is called ColorNote and it's great for making checklists for virtually anything: packing, shopping, homeschool unit studies, curriculum shopping list etc. So I made myself a checklist for everything I needed to pack for Teach Them Diligently as well as a list of items I am considering buying. And for keeping track of our check in dates/times and attraction plans, etc I use my Cozi app. Both of these apps sync between multiple devices as well.


And here is my packing list:
-A blogger never leaves home without technology which for me includes my NEW tablet, cell phone and laptop along with all of their chargers. I just purchased a Nexus Tablet and am very excited to ditch the paper and start utilizing my tablet for all my planning needs. My nifty ColorNote app will work perfectly for taking notes during speaker sessions. And my qPDF Notes app will work great for keeping track of which sessions and vendors I wish to visit.
-My camera (and camera bag) which is practically an appendage. If you don't like your picture taken steer clear of me.
-Clothes and toiletries are a necessity of course. Oh and comfy sneakers.
-Due some recent back problems my vitamins, heat pad and TENS unit are a must for trips now...especially after sitting, standing and walking a lot.
-Extension cord with multi-adapter for charging all my technology at the hotel.
-Business cards and address labels. I talked about these in my planning post...well they do me no good if I don't pack them right?
-Snack bag and a cooler. Food and drink costs can really add up while traveling so I have found that packing some snacks, simple meals and drinks saves lots of money.
-And last but not least the kids. The kids are not going with me to Spartanburg but they will be staying at a friends which means I still must pack their bags. And they will be going with me to the Nashville Teach Them Diligently Convention so I will need to pack them not only their clothes but also their busy bags (crayons, coloring books, activity books, tablet, books, etc). Oh and I must not forget their cozy blankets and favorite stuffed animals too. They are getting really excited about our Nashville adventure.

So did I miss anything? I hope not, considering I leave tomorrow morning!

If you are coming to the Teach Them Diligently Convention in Spartanburg be sure to stop by the A+ TutorSoft Math booth to say hello...that is where I will be working. And be sure to bring this great 10% off flyer with you too.

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Kela Nellums said...

Tissues!! Don't forget tissue! There's sure to be some tears shed and perhaps a nose to blow....WELL...that will be me, anyway. ;)

Jen G said...

Great list and post! I pinned it to my Teach Them Diligently board. : )

future.flying.saucers said...

I saw you at the A+ booth, but you were speaking with someone and I didn't want to interrupt. I hope you had a wonderful time!! I sure did!

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