Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day Dinner Blog Hop - Table Centerpiece

Welcome to the Mother's Day Dinner Blog Hop. Myself along with 8 blogger friends thought it would be fun to celebrate Mother's Day with a blog hop. Since I am not really a cook or baker I decided to set our Mother's Day table with a beautiful centerpiece.

This vase was super simple to easy that your children or even your husband could do it (hint, hint). It took me about 1/2 hour to put it together and I used materials I already had laying around. 

Making this lovely Mother's Day vase centerpiece is as easy as 1,2,3!

-Container of some sort (tin can, glass jar, cardboard tube, etc). I used a small cardboard packing tube and then placed a plastic container inside to hold the water and flowers.
-Scrapbook paper.
-Embellishments (flowers, ribbon, brads, twine, stickers, etc).
-Cute quote. I used a scrapbooking vellum quote already printed however you can type one or hand write one on a small piece of paper.
-Fresh flowers.
-Glue. I used hot glue.

1) Cut a piece of paper to fit around the container you chose to use. Wrap the paper around the container and glue along the seam in the back.
2) Embellish with flowers, ribbon, etc and your quote. I used jute twine and paper ribbon to make a bow. Then I glued a mini sunflower onto the bow. And lastly I added the quote, which I put on a yellow background and embellished with brads in the corners.
3) Fill with pretty fresh cut flowers.

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Happy Mothers Day!!!!

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