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10 Reasons I Love Taking Photos

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As you can tell by looking through my blog posts I LOVE taking pictures. 7 years ago I got my first SLR Digital camera. Prior to that we had a really nice 35mm camera and a very basic digital camera that took very grainy photos. I love photography and even as a teenager I always had a camera in my hand and spent lots of money developing rolls of 35mm film. When we decided to take the plunge and purchase our first SLR Digital camera, a Nikon D50,  it was primarily because we were expecting our 1st child, our daughter. We wanted to be sure we captured every special moment including her birth so just a few months before she arrived our camera arrived.

Well 7 years have passed and I have taken 37,219 photos with my Nikon D50. It has been a wonderful camera, but I have been ready to move onto bigger and better...after all my camera is practically an appendage and the Digital SLR cameras have come a long way since 1999 which is when the first (affordable) Digital SLR camera was available (plus they are much cheaper now too).

I recently just purchased the Nikon D5100 and am in heaven. I got 4 lens with the great Amazon bundle deal + a tripod, camera bag, UV filters, SD card and more.

10 Reasons I Love Taking Photos.....

1) I love capturing all of our special moments, the smiles, the tears, our homeschool journey, the fun vacation memories....
2) Taking photos keeps our memories safe, forever. When the memories begin to fade we can look back through our photos and relive the special moments all over again.
3) My kids are pretty adorable and love having their photo taken. They love to ham it up and pose.
4) It is often hard to see just how much your kids grow each day...but when you look through photos even from just a month ago you can literally see your children growing and flourishing a little every day.
5) I enjoy taking photos of my friends, my friends kids and my extended family and then sharing those photos with them. It captures memories for them from someone else's perspective and it is something very special I can give to them which doesn't cost me a dime.
6) Taking photos everyday and sharing them with daddy when he gets home from work is one way we can make sure he is involved in our homeschool journey. He is able to see what the kids have learned, the milestones they have reached and the fun we had on our fieldtrips.
7) I love capturing the magnificent handy work of our Creator. There is something special about capturing a butterfly flying through the air, a bee on a sunflower, a puffy white cloud on a warm sunny day. Many of these things we take for granted or just pass by but when you take time so stop look and  photograph them you really capture all the amazing detail and discover just how special the World around us is.
8) It is a way to express myself creatively. Whether its while taking the shot with my camera, editing  the photo later on my computer or just simply adding the photo to a scrapbooking page.
9) I consider photography one of my many hobbies. I am also hoping one day photography will also be a way I can earn a little extra money for our family.
10) I think taking photos is just plain fun and makes me happy!

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Why do you love taking photos?

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Winona Rogers said...

You take fabulous pictures Kathy and I am so thankful you take pictures on our homeschool field trips.

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