Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wildlife Wednesdays - Whales Living Superlatives

su·per·la·tive adj. - Of the highest order, quality, or degree; surpassing or superior to all others.

We have been studying Marine Mammals for the last several weeks. This includes Manatees, Whales, and Dolphins. We have been learning so many wonderful things about these majestic creatures. The Blue Whale is the largest creature in the entire World (it's even bigger than any dinosaur that ever lived). So how is it possible that this creature could have evolved from a land dwelling animal?

One fabulous resource that I recently received from Master Books is called "If Animals Could Talk." Dr. Werner Gitt is the author and shares some fabulous facts about Creation and animals from an animals view. It just so happens that there is an entire chapter entitled  "Fountains For Fingerprints" which gives some great information Creation and Whales.

With this book I was able to provide my children with the facts that prove Whales were given special capabilities and special characteristics by our Creator that you won't find anywhere else in the animal Kingdom. They did not evolve from a creature with legs like many science books claim.
I captured this photo of Maris one of the Beluga that lives at GA Aquarium. She was pregnant in this photo and gave birth May 18, 2012. Sadly the baby died a few days later due to a complicated birth.

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I can't find the rest of you article on Creation Conversations :(

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Love this idea! Such great information.

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