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Review Awesome Science Mount St. Helens and Facebook Party Reminder

Explore Mt. St. Helens with Noah Justice

Well the new year has arrived and that means another year of great Master Book reviews for you (one each month) along with an awesome Facebook party (more details on that below).

A moms review:
You may remember that I reviewed Awesome Science Grand Canyon and Yellowstone last year. We absolutely love this awesome series. Well guess what? There are 3 new Awesome Science DVD’s for 2013. All six of the DVDs also have a great study guide that can be purchased for an $3.99 which makes teaching with the DVDs super simple.

As always the DVD arrived and the kids jumped up and down with excitement that another surprise was delivered by the mailman . We popped in the 30 minute DVD the same day and were impressed yet again.

On May 18th, 1980 (a year before I was born) a tragic event for both the people and ecosystem of Washington State occurred...Mount St. Helen's erupted. But through this catastrophe scientists (both creationist and secular) have been able to make several discoveries as to how such acts of God have helped to shaped the Earth as well as provide evidence that a Biblical flood DID occur. It DOESN'T take millions of years to form canyons. stratified layers and petrified can happen in only days, weeks and months which Mount St. Helens the largest landslide in modern human history proves.

At first this one scared the kids (5 1/2 and almost 7) a little because they found out that we had a volcano erupt in the United States. Before they had no clue such things existed or could happen in the United States. But then they became engrossed and those fears subsided and the ohhhs and ahhhs started. Throughout the DVD children will learn about Mount St. Helen, rapid erosion, coal formation, biologic recovery, canyons, petrified forests and more.

My kids favorite part was when Noah explored Ape Cave. My favorite part was learning about the peat and coal formation...mostly because it brought back memories of when I got to explore a peat bed in Australia in 1998.

The study guide that you can purchase with the DVD is amazing. It is definitely geared towards older children but I was able to tailor the questions so that we were still able to utilize it. There are word lists, discussion questions, fill in the blank, true and false as well as bonus activities for parent and children.

The DVDs are hosted by 14 year old Noah Justice! Throughout the DVD he reveals scientific facts that back up that a Worldwide flood did happen just like God reveals in the Bible. The fact the DVDs are hosted by a kid are one of my kids as well as my favorite things about this series. The kids think its super cool that he knows so many things and that he gets to travel around to so many cool places. I think my daughter is a little jealous!

An additional resource I found...
I was looking for something on Mount St. Helen's and stumbled across this awesome resource perfect for exploring Mount St. Helen's on a field trip or just learning more about the volcano. I loved this statement on their website too, "But there was a spiritual dimension as well.  Leading creation scientists are persuaded God caused the eruption to rebuke evolution and give mankind fresh arguments for recent creation."

Moms of Master Books Button

Check out this video to see just how awesome these DVDs are:

More about the DVD:
The first DVD series for teens by teens (NOT just for teens) showing how science & the Bible agree!

  • Hosted by the engaging 14-year-old host, Noah Justice
  • Evidence of biblical history and truth at some of the world’s most amazing destinations
  • Fast-paced and informative presentations with a biblical worldview are filmed on location at these national parks
  • Study guides create educational opportunities for home or church study

The Awesome Science video series takes teens and adults on a field trip around the world to explore geologic and historical evidence which supports the biblical record. Innovative, high-quality, and designed to make science fun, this new series for the whole family helps discover evidences that the Bible is the true history book of the world!

a Book & a Bite: Facebook Party

What: Mom's of Master Books Facebook Party

When: January 17,2013 at 9pm EST

Why: To discuss the 3 new episodes of the Awesome Science DVD series

Join the Moms of Master Books for the first party of 2013 featuring the Awesome Science DVD Series.

Noah Justice, the host of Awesome Science and his dad, the producer of the show will be at the party to meet you and answer your questions. You will of course also have a chance to WIN your own copy of one of the episodes. There is a great pre-party prize and grand prize which will be announced the week of the party.  Invite your friends and be sure and have your kinds with you for this one.

**If you are unfamiliar with how to attend a Facebook party see the graphic below. Remember the party is on the Master Books Facebook page. And don't worry if you still don't understand how to join the party, several of the Moms of Master Books will be there to offer guidance and support. Just show up at the Master Books Facebook page and we will walk you through it!**

Where to buy:
You can purchase the Awesome Science DVDs for $14.99 at New Leaf Publishing. You can also get the DVDs on Amazon or rent an instant video for $1.99.

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*Disclaimer - I received a copy of Awesome Science Mount St. Helens in return for this post. I was not compensated for my reviews and all opinions are our own! Many of the links found on my side bars and in my blog posts are affiliate links. As a result, I might get paid money and I will most likely spend the money on homeschool supplies.

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