Thursday, December 27, 2012

Making Memories Learning About Christmas Around The World

This month we have been learning all about Christmas Around The World. The last couple of weeks we learned about Germany, Russia, Holland and Italy. We've been making yummy food from around the World, watching movies and videos, making fun ornaments, reading lots of books and listening to music. Last week we took a live online Currclick class from Founders Academy where we learned about what Christmas was like during colonial times. The course went along nicely with our Christmas Around The World unit study because it covered Holland and British Christmas traditions as well. Last week we also watched a great movie called Santa and Pete which is a movie about the Holland legend of Sinterklaas. The kids said this has been their most favorite unit study so far for the new school year. Oh and the kids also had a goodie arrive in the mail all the way from Canada. Their adopted Canadian Grandma sent them some special Canadian coins!

Here are some photos of what we have been up to:
If you want to see more photos check out our instagram feed.

We have been watching some great videos on YouTube. Do you use YouTube in your homeschool? It is a fabulous resource here is one video we watched to learn about the legend of Befana. View the other videos we have been watching for our Christmas Around the World unit study here.

Here are some of the books we have been reading:
We are still working on reading through some of these. 

And here are some photos from our recent field trips:
Earlier this month we went to see an awesome Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer play at the Puppetry Center in Atlanta. It was a fabulous show. We also saw a hilarious puppet show called "Fa-La-La-La Follies" at the library by "That Puppet Guy." Let's see what else???? Oh we built Gingerbread Houses with 78 of our homeschool friends. We visited the Wrens Nest the home of the famous author Joel Chandler Harris. His birthday is in December so there were all sorts of fun festivities including storytelling. We traveled back to Bethlehem with some friends. We also went the Atlanta History Center for the Holiday Spirit event where we made ornaments, saw Santa and learned about Christmas in the 1800's as well as Christmas Around The World. We went caroling and handed out Christmas cards at a local nursing home. What an awesome experience this was yet again. The smiles on the residents faces said it all! And we got to see REAL LIVE Reindeer at the Chattahoochee Nature Center. It was quite a busy field trip month!

To see the FREE resources we have been using for our Christmas Around The World Unit Study visit this post

But this month is sadly coming to an end and so has our super fun unit study (but we will be doing Christmas Around The World again next year I'm sure). I am in the process of revamping some things in our home and homeschool for 2013 (more coming on that soon)...but I can tell you that we will have a "whale of a time" with our January unit study!

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