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Review Sugar Creek Gang Audio CDs - Volume 1

Beloved Books was founded in 1996 with a goal of sharing great books and audio resources with Christian families. All of the resources available on Beloved Books are life-affirming, wholesome literature great for the entire family. One of the amazing audio book series that is available on the website is called the Sugar Creek Gang. The Sugar Creek Gang audio stories are derived from the 1939 book series featuring 36 titles written by Paul Huchens. The Sugar Creek Gang stories are wholesome Christian adventure books great for boys and girls of ALL ages. A few years ago Paul Ramseyer dramatized the book series again for a radio program called "Adventure Time".  And NOW these great audio stories are available on 72 CDs for over 100 hours of great listening from Beloved Books. 

Step back in time...
to one-room schoolhouses,
hot summer days of fishing,
fun and barefoot boys.

A moms review: 
Get ready for some great adventures with the Sugar Creek Gang: Bill Collins, Poetry, Little Jim, Dragonfly, Circus, Big Jim and Tom Till. But don't worry this gang is the good kind. 
GANG (noun) - A group of youngsters or adolescents who associate closely, often exclusively, for social reasons.

We love to read and we love audio books too. We particularly enjoy audio books during quite time or car rides. The Sugar Creek Gang stories are absolutely wonderful. The narrator is one of the BEST I have heard and alters his voice when doing the dialog between characters. This really helped keep the stories engaging especially for younger children. The audio stories are read straight from the original books. These stories are great for ALL ages and my 5 and 6 yr old beg (literally) to listen to them when we were running errands. We have listened to ALL 6 stories on volume 1 and will probably be listening to them a second time very soon. 

The stories build upon one another and you begin to really feel like you are part of the Sugar Creek Gang. These are great audio stories for Christian families because they share biblical messages in an easy to understand style that even the youngest of listeners will understand. There are so many wonderful things that can be learned from these audio stories like hymns, scripture, nature studies, science, poetry, character lessons, etc. The stories also encourage children to have courage and confidence about sharing the good news about salvation through Jesus Christ. It is recommended that you listen to them in order because they do follow a continuing story line and the spiritual foundation is built upon as the series progresses. 


 When I read chapter books to the children or we listen to audio stories I encourage the them to use their imaginations and place themselves inside story. The Sugar Creek Gang stories were no exception and do a great job of engaging children's imaginations. Another thing I do with chapter and audio books is encourage the children to draw pictures of what is taking place in the story or of their favorite part. Gwyn drew a lovely picture of the boys picking flowers for Bill's new baby sister as well as many others. After we listened to the first story I decided to further enhance the stories and turn them into a lesson. I made a printable (available below for FREE) which not only encourages the children to draw pictures but also discuss the characters, setting, conflict, favorite part and lesson learned. So these stories have actually turned into a literature study for us. 

The stories are very diverse and some indeed may raise questions for younger children.There are funny, action packed and serious stories. The serious stories deal with topics that include divorce, disappointment, drinking and passing of loved ones. All of the stories though have great moral lessons to share including forgiveness, jealousy,
sowing and reaping, power of prayer, being saved both physically and spiritually and more. Just be prepared to discuss the serious topics in more detail with young ones. 

Sugar Creek

Each 2-CD story is about 2 hours long, roughly 70 minutes. Each volume contains six stories so there are a total of 12 CDs in each volume. No prep needed just push play and let the learning, exploring and fun begin.

Volume 1 contains the following stories:
-The Swamp Robber
-The Killer Bear
-The Winter Rescue
-The Lost Campers
-Chicago Adventure
-The Secret Hideout

*these titles are not the original 1939 titles

FREE stuff:
-Use code KCM-20 at checkout to get 20% off your entire purchase at Beloved Books.

-Get a FREE MP3 download of the first Sugar Creek Gang story "Swamp Robber." There are two parts make sure you download both. There are a few more coupon codes that can be found at this link too.
-I wanted to incorporate these audio stories into a homeschool lesson but couldn't find anything online so I made my own notebooking worksheet (you can also click on the image below to download a copy). This could also be used with the books and DVDs. Since my children cannot write well yet I asked them the questions and wrote down what they said. I let them draw their pictures though.

And here are a few more other FREE resources I found that may help expand these audio stories into homeschool lessons.

-Visit the town of Sugar Creek, Indiana through these photos. Better yet if you live close by take an actual field trip.
-Study this great map of Sugar Creek . 
-Get to know the Sugar Creek Gang a little bit better and get visual of what they look like.
-Currclick eBook Shenanigans at Sugar Creek (Teacher Trouble).

Wrap up:
We love the Sugar Creek Gang stories and are about to start listening to them a second time. They are great wholesome audio stories for the entire family. There are also DVDs and Books about the Sugar Creek Gang which we will be checking out too.

Gwyns review (6 yrs old):
I liked the stories. I like it when they talk about the Bible. I am learning things from the stories. My favorite story is the one where they found the baby bear. My favorite characters are Bill Collins and Dragonfly. I like to listen to them in the car and draw pictures.

Links to follow:

-Beloved Books Website
-Beloved Books Facebook

Where to buy:
The Sugar Creek Gang audio stories can be ordered from Beloved Books for $54.00 per volume or you can order all 6 volums for $279.70 ($50 discount). If you want a sneak listen you can purchase the first COMPLETE story, "Swamp Robber", for only $4.95 with FREE first class postage.

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*Disclaimer - As part of the TOS Review Crew I received volume one of the Sugar Creek Gang audio CDs in return for my honest review. Please note that prices indicated in the post are subject to change. I was not compensated for my review and all opinions are our own! Many of the links found on my side bars and in my blog posts are affiliate links. As a result, I might get paid money and I will most likely spend the money on homeschool supplies.


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