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FreeBEE Friday - Bird Unit Study Resources

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PLUS...with the added bonus of this being a weekly link up...where you can showcase your freebies, things you've found online, and also, things you've received in the mail, totally FREE in the last week...or so. 


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Internet FreeBEEs:

Well goodbye August and hello September wow this year is "flying" by. The kids have picked birds as their unit study for September. WOW bird resources are abundant that's for sure. If you follow me on Twitter @kbalman you may have noticed tweets this month with the hashtag #sand #unitstudy. Well I will be continuing to do that each month so if you want to see what sort of feathery fun we are having each day follow hashtag #birdunitstudy in September.


-Hawk guide
-Bird match up from Montessori Print Shop
-Birds lapbook from Homeschool Share
-Birds writing center from Spell Outloud
-Bird picture cards
-Parts of a bird mini book
-Bird PreK Pack from Homeschool Creations
-All about birds from Kid Zone
-Lots of great ideas for a bird unit study
-Bird anatomy
-Bird pack from Nature Detectives - includes coloring pages, printable activities, craft ideas and more
-Owl lapbook
-Lots of great bird unit study ideas - songs, crafts, snacks, activities
-How to do a homeschool bird unit study from Homeschool Bytes
-Homeschool bird unit study from Squidoo
-Go Birdwatching printable bame
-Hummingbird lapbook
-Bird song and nest play set from Kiboomu
-Bird notebooking printable
-Audubon lots of great resources
-Egg and bird tanagrams
-E Nature has lots of great FREE bird resources - including nature guides for your area
-Birding at lots of great resources - including tips on identifying birds and keeping a bird journal
-All About Birds Cornell Lab of Ornithology
-Bird call memory game with audio
-Robin mini helper
-Bird notebooking pages
-Lots of great unit study ideas - geared more towards PreK-1st
-Loads of great bird resources from Kennesaw Edu (which is actually a college near us)
-Bird central lesson plan
-Bluebird nature study from Starts At Eight
-Secret of bird flight revealed
-Bird flight experiments
-Big egg mystery science experiment
-Bringing up birdy lesson
-Avian diseases pet bird board review (kind of graphic)
-Make your own bird worksheets at Twisty Noodle
-Lots of great bird printables at ESL Printables
-Birds handwriting worksheet from All Kids Network
-Bird beaks and feet biology lesson
-Birds from National Geographic
-Pigeons in military history
-Falcons and man - history of falconry
-Birds in mytholology
-Native American Falcon Dancer lesson
-This PDF contains some great bible verses to use with a bird unit study
-Birds of the bible
-Bird stories found in the bible
-Prehistoric bird lesson plans

Not FREE but very good resources for a bird unit study:
-We received the Birds of a Feather 4 wk unit study from Homeschool Legacy to review and will be using it next month (review will be around September 19th. - $15.95
-Bird themed journal and copy work - 50 cents
-Simple Schooling - Lets learn about birds - $1.99 on sale right now
-Daily Bird Blue Jay - $1.00

My kids love watching videos that go along with our unit studies. Here are a few we will be using. If you want to see more you can check out our YouTube channel.

-Robin In The Rain by Raffi
-Bird Songs
-Birds and Animals
-Bird Watching Sabah
-How Birds Fly Animation
-Acorn Woodpecker
-Color Patterns of Birds
-The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has loads of great bird video posted on their YouTube channel
-For The Birds - silly animated show
-Bird Love Story (sad)
-Eyewitness Birds - check this out at the library - I love this series and so do the kids
-Secret Life of Birds - I got a really good deal on this DVD so I bought it and will be giving it to the kids as a unit study kick off gift (check to see if your library has it)
-Free Class Video Birds - Naturglos Art and Science eCenter Currclick
-USTREAM has lots of great live bird streams with owls, humming birds, penguins and more

-Bird feeders/houses
-Bird mobile
-Owl mask
-Bottle cap birds
-Spring bird
-Bird cake
-Watercolor bird lesson from Deep Space Sparkle
-Pinecone bird craft
-Several adorable bird crafts
-Bird puppet
-There are lots of bird crafts over at DLTK
-Bird coloring book from Cornell Ornithology

-Birdseed snack
-Edible bird nest
-Bird nest cookies
-Bird nest cookies
-Peeps cake
-Bird nest treats

-Visit local petstores and observe the birds. Take along nature journals to draw pictures and write some sentences about your observations. And if its not busy at the petstore you may even be able to ask them to get out a bird or two to pet. FREE field trip.
-Visit a local aviary. I contacted several in our area and a couple were happy to have us. And many times its a FREE field trip.
-Contact your local Audubon Society and see if they are offering any bird watching trips. These are FREE most of the time because they are at State or National parks (may have to pay a parking fee). If Audubon is not offering anything check directly with your State or National Park.
-Lots of nature walks and bird watching from our balcony.

-Birds Every Child Should Know
-Feathers At Las Flores (Free for Prime)
-Birds Illustrated Vol 1 #2 1897 (there are several volumes of these for FREE)
-Grandpa Hates The Bird (may want to preview this before reading to your kids it may not be for every family)
-Clawbinder - short story
-The Bird Study Book
-Olivia And The Little Bird
-Falcons (Free for Prime)
-50 Easy To Make Bird Treats

And LOTS of books from the library:

These are several of the books we will be using I am sure more will be added throughout the month.

We will also be using our Flying Creatures of the 5th Day Apologia book. And our Flying Creatures of the 5th Day Lapbook from A Journey Through Learning.

And of course our exploration box will be filled with new goodies for our bird unit study. I will post about this over the weekend so check back.

The links above as well as others are pinned to my Bird Unit Study Pinterest Board. If you're interested doing a Bird Unit Study you may want to follow the board because there are more great ideas on the board that I didn't share here and I will be adding more FREE resources as I find them throughout September.

I hope you find these resources useful. If you ever have any questions feel free to leave me a comment or email me. Also be sure to follow my FB page where I post FreeBEEs daily.

Remember when it comes to FREE resources the internet and a good search engine are your best friend.

*Disclaimer - Many of the links found on my side bars and in my blog posts are affiliate links. Please note that prices indicated in the post are subject to change. As a result, I might get paid money and I will most likely spend the money on homeschool supplies.

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Nigel Hall said...

Hi Kathy,

Just found your post via Twitter. I'm the developer of the Peterson birding apps for the iPhone and iPad. We have an excellent free app - Peterson Feeder Birds of North America. It has a huge amount of detail on 160+ backyard birds found in the US and Canada, and has exactly the same features as our paid app. I think your readers will enjoy the app immensely, and if they have any questions they can always reach me on our support frum,

All the best,

Nigel Hall

Cassie Harding Osborne said...

I have a great bird pack

ticiaM said...

What a great resource for studying birds. There are so many things here. Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!

Betsy @ said...

Great list of resources. thanks for sharing!

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