Friday, July 6, 2012

A week in the life of homeschoolers - Stranded at home

Due to some finance issues we have been stranded at home almost everyday since last Thursday. But we have still managed to have some fun and I was able to get lots of stuff done around the apartment.

June 30th - July 6th
Saturday we relaxed at home while daddy helped a friend move. Gwyn was having a rough day because she had to say good bye to her Pixiedust, who we had to get rid of because she just couldn't learn to use the litter box despite a year of trying everything. So we spent a lot of time cuddling and watching movies. Later that night I had some awesome homeschool mom friends pick me up for moms night. We had a great little party at another one of our friends house. Sunday daddy spent the day at home with the kids while I went out to show houses. I am super excited to have my Real Estate License reactivated. Monday I spent the day organizing/cleaning the apartment and finishing up some projects like our bug board. Gwyn also started learning to type with our new keyboard curriculum (review coming soon). Tuesday the kids spent the day playing while I continued to knock things off my long todo list. Daddy played with the kids a little before he left for work. He helped them build some stuff with their Legos and played a couple of board games with them. Wednesday we celebrated the 4th of July at the swimming pool as a family. My hubby and I had a lot of fun feeding a very friendly squirrel some chips. Later we had some yummy hotdogs and fries for dinner. Thursday we went to the an Cumming Aquatic Center with some friends. There is a great splash playground, zero entry pool and lazy river. And for the bigger kids there is a great big water slide. We had a great time and the kids didn't want to leave. Friday we just had another day of relaxing and getting some stuff done. 
One thing that has been great this summer is seeing the kids being brave in the pool. For years they were terrified of the pool. They would get in and clench to the side and not let anyone touch them. But this year Gwyn has been swimming like a fish. She has taken off her life vest and is even sticking her head under the water. Rowyn has been slowly taking off his life vest if we are in a pool that has a very shallow section. I am so very proud of them both.

And that's our slow stranded at home week. I actually think most of July will be this way which is okay because I do have lots to get ready and organized before we start homeschool back up August 1st. 

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Jenn said...

Yay for a fun week at home!  Love your collage and all the swimming pics:)

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