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Treetop Quest Review

We won 4 tickets to Treetop Quest thanks to Expedition Mom. It was so much fun we decided to write a review about this awesome place.

A moms review:
Treetop Quest is an self guided adventure through the trees. There are more than 70 obstacles, 5 levels of difficulty, zip lines, Tarazan jumps, monkey bridges, swings and more. Treetop Quest is a great family activity for both the young and the old. And a great way to become one with nature. 

Treetop Quest offers something for every age level including children as young as 4 yrs old. The Chick'Pea course is accessible to children from 4 to 6 years old with a minimum height of 3’4”. Safety is ensured with a continuous belay system. The level one course is for 7 yrs  and above and level two for 8 yrs and above. On ground supervision by an adult is required for children under 18 (entrance is FREE for the supervising adult if they are not planning to participate). Treetop Quest is the perfect confidence boosting activity. The staff at Treetop Quest is beyond amazing and did a great job of encouraging the children.

After getting our gear on the staff guided our two children over to the Chick'Pea course. The staff then explained to the children how to use their belay system and also gave them a few other safety guidelines then off they went.

My 6 1/2 yr old started through the course all on her own and was quite confident. We were very shocked at how well she had listened to the instruction and when her carabiner would get stuck (like they informed her it may) she knew just what to do (giggle it a little to get it unstuck). She became quite the pro and went through the Chick'Pea course about 15 times. She is so ready for level 1 but has to wait until she is 7. At one point she even helped another little girl through the course.

My almost 5 yr old was a little more apprehensive and preferred to have one of the staff members help him through the course. But after he completed his first run through he gained confidence and went through the course several more times all on his own.

There were always two staff members keeping an eye on the Chick'Pea course. The highest point of the course is about 8 ft off the ground.

We were at Treetop Quest for 2 1/2 hrs and my husband and I did the courses as well.Well I did anyway. My husband got vertigo on the first one he tried and had to be rescued and belayed down a tree. I started at level 2 and did all of the courses through level 5. And even earned a black course diploma. Treetop Quest will bring out your inner child. If just 4-6 yr old children are going to be participating an hour would be plenty of time for them to get through the Chick'Pea course several times.

Extra details:

  • If just children under 18 yrs old are doing the courses adults do not need to pay but do need to supervise.
  • You must pay and sign your waivers inside the Gwinnett Environmental Center building. Waivers can be downloaded online and filled out ahead of time.
  • Dress appropriately especially if its hot outside, you will work up a sweat.  
  • Wear athletic shoes.
  • Pack some snacks and water you will work up an appetite.
  • Inform children ahead of time that they will be wearing some equipment like a harness, helmet, and gloves.
  • For the 4-6 yr olds there are two admission options 1 hr and 2  1/2 hrs.
  • There are very nice clean restrooms and a water fountain inside the Gwinnett Environmental Center.
  • Plan some extra time to eat a picnic lunch and walk along the beautiful trails at the Environmental Center.
  • Take a camera and video to capture some awesome shots of your children in the trees.

Please visit the Treetop Quest Website or call for costs, tickets, program information, and more.

2020 Clean Water Drive
Buford, GA 30519


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