Saturday, June 9, 2012

North GA Homeschool Group - Our 1st Alex's Lemonade Stand - Raised $198.85 Towards Our Goal

We had a great time hosting our 1st Alexs Lemonade Stand to help raise money for childhood cancer. All of the kids did a great job helping out and bringing traffic to the stand. It literally brought tears to my eyes to hear the kids yelling "donate to cancer" and "lemonade, help fight cancer." The community was very generous and we had many people giving us $5, $10 and $20 bills. We even had two groups of teens stop by and give donations.

So far we have raised $30 via online donations and $168.85 from the lemonade stand yesterday. Our goal is $300. You can still help by making a donation online or via text through June 10th.

Here is a video and pictures from our stand yesterday.

Earlier this week the kids and I had a great time coloring our Rose Art Imagination Station Lemonade Stand. Stay tuned for a giveaway Monday. Rose Art is letting me giveaway 3 Rose Art Create 'N' Color Imagination Station Lemonade Stands.

Special Thanks To:
-Alex's parents for starting the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation so that people can help Alex's dream continue. And thanks to the Alex's Lemonade Stand staff that does a great job with the helpful fundraising newsletters.
-Rose Art for donating the Imagination Station Lemonade Stand
-Toys R Us for offering the Lego Friends event which is where we learned about Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.
-North GA Homeschoolers for doing a great job with taking donations, holding up banners and serving lemonade.
-Canton/Sixes Patch for featuring us on their website.


Kirsten Hill said...

What an awesome idea for a charity fundraiser! I'm glad it was a success for you!

Mary said...

Kathy ~ Congrats on the Lemonade Stand!  I am just in awe of everything you do for your kids and the local homeschool community.  :-)

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