Tuesday, March 13, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Craft With Rose Art

Did you know that March is National Craft Month? I'll admit I didn't and our family is big into arts and crafts. So for the next 3 weeks I will be sharing a craft project along with a how to. And we will be using a lot of Rose Art products.

This week we did a St. Patricks Day craft.

Materials we used:
-Big Piece Of White Paper
-White School Glue
-Tempera Painters
-Finger Paint
-Cotton Balls
-Potato (to make stamp)
-Black and light tan Paper
-Markers (we used the Rose Art scented markers)

Using one color at a time have your child make a rainbow using finger paints with their thumbprints.

2.) Glue some cotton balls at one end of the rainbow. And at the other end glue a pot cut out of black paper. Glue some gold glitter on top of the pot.

3.) Next we made a Leprechaun because wherever there is a rainbow with a pot of gold there is sure to be a Leprechaun. Paint your child's fingers and heal of their palm with orange tempera paint (don't paint the thumb). The fingers will be the Leprechauns beard and the heal of the palm will be his hair. Cut a circle out of light tan paper for his face and glue it above the beard and below the hair. Have your child draw a  face and a hat with markers or crayons (we used the Rose Art Scented Markers). We also used some gold glitter to make a buckle on the hat.

This was the first time that I opened up the Scented Rose Art Markers and they were a HUGE hit.

4.) To finish the craft we made Shamrocks for some luck. Cut a potato in half and cut a heart shape into the potato to make a stamp. Here is a YouTube video for further instructions on how to make a potato stamp.They use a cookie cutter in the video but you can do it easily by hand using a knife like I did. Apply tempera paint to the stamp and stamp four times in a circle with the bottom of the heart pointing inward (you may need to reapply the paint after you stamp twice). This will end up making a cute little Shamrock.Gwyn made a couple because she was having so much fun with the handmade stamp. You can also add a stem with paint, markers or crayons.

5.) Wash up and show off your finished project.

Color Blanks Review:
One of the other products we received from Rose Art that we have been having fun with is their Color Blanks. These are adorable 3 dimensional posable plastic figures that you can design yourself. You can draw on them with the Rose Art permanent markers or acrylic paint. Draw faces, clothes, accessories or shoes on your figurines, then add finishing touches with the included stickers. To go the extra mile, use the included glue dots to add your own fun stuff such as buttons, sequins, glitter, a hat or a prop. Collect them all to make, play and display.

The kids used the permanent markers on theirs and of course lots of stickers. I failed to follow the instructions and let them play with them right away and then realized the marker was smearing and rubbing off. So make sure that you let them sit once their are designed for at least 24 hrs to fully dry. They had an absolute blast though making them and now that they are dried they are having even more fun playing with them.

Daddy is actually working on two of his own which are not done yet. The kids can't have all the fun right? Being a perfectionist artist he is not happy with the the streaky look of the markers and is trying some other mediums on his. He is trying to recreate one of his comic character creations. I actually plan to do one too and think I may try acrylic paint.

The Color Blanks come in a wide selection and range in price - $4.99-$9.99 for the single, $9.99 for the double, $14.99 for the family pack. They are recommended for ages 6 and up but Rowyn who is 4 1/2 had a blast and did a pretty good job. These would make a great gift for any child who loves to create creatures, animals or people.

-Rose Art Website - check out the FREE coloring pages
-Rose Art Facebook
-Rose Art Twitter
-Mega Brands Website - be sure to check out the Kids Zone for fun games, wallpapers and more
-Mega Brands Facebook
-Mega Brands Twitter
-Craft and Hobby Association - National Craft Month Sponsor

Next week I will be sharing a SPRING craft. I will also be sharing the Gwyns Fuzzy Poster creation.

I decided it would be fun to also do link up. If your crafting this month please link up your posts below. This link up will be up all month so keep coming back and sharing your creativity.

*Disclaimer - I received a box of Rose Art supplies from Mega Brand in return for my honest review and a craft project how to. I was not compensated for my review and all opinions are our own! Many of the links found on my side bars and in my blog posts are affiliate links. As a result, I might get paid money and I will most likely spend the money on homeschool supplies


Rebecca said...

VERY CUTE!!! We were just talking about potatoes and painting the other day!

Unknown said...

Wow, cool...scented markers! YUM! ;)

I wish I had the energy to put together a craft post for you. Maybe later this week.

My FreeBEE Friday post is going to be all about St. Patrick's Day. May have to link it back here...cute pictures!

maria @ close to home said...

what a fun activitiy and perfect ages to do this

Wendy Kaufman said...

I've made potato stamps before, and beet stamps too! I love showing my son how to use veggies in such fun ways.

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