Friday, January 13, 2012

#hsmommas on Twitter - Fridays 8:30 pm EST

Several weeks ago @MomsMustardSeed, @AdventurzNChild, @HSingUnscripted and a few others (sorry don't remember everyone involved) were chatting on twitter (don't even remember what it was about honestly) and decided it would be easier if we started a hashtag on twitter. And we came up with #hsmommas. Well last week we had an impromptu chat which caught some attention and well before we knew it we were having a party. @FoundersAcademy a Veteran homeschool mom joined in the fun and started some wonderful Q & A.

Well this morning I thought it would be fun to chat again so a few of us agreed on an 8:30 pm time and well yet again it caught attention and even more homeschool moms arrived to party. We chatted about schedules, curriculum, state laws, conferences, pregnancy, heartburn, hobbies and kids. It was a lot of fun and super encouraging.

So what is #hsmommas? Well its place for homeschool mommas to come together to chat, ask questions, vent, ask for prayers, encourage, you name it anything goes. There is no sponsor, no giveaway, no set questions. Just come join in the fun. Everyone homeschool mom is welcome.

We decided tonight we would make this a regular thing so come join #hsmommas on Fridays around 8:30  pm EST. If you have never joined a large chat on twitter use something like Tweetchat or TweetGrid to follow the #hashtag its much easier. Spread the word!

I cannot guarantee I or the others who helped start the hashtag will always be on to chat but it doesn't matter because like I said its just a gathering place for homeschool mommas. So whoever is able to join feel free to get a conversation going about anything that's on your mind.

Oh and I am @kbalman on twitter if you don't already follow me.


Carrie - young living oil lady said...

I love it! I didn't really realize how big it was, even though I do recall someone mentioning it. That is awesome! I will have to remember to pop in when I am home on those nights/times.
Bless you and it will be great fun encouraging, praying, and supporting one another.
Carrie @YLoillady (twitter)

MomLaur said...

Wowza! Amazing how a little idea can take off. LEt's hear a "woot woot" for all the #hsmommas!! :0)

Unknown said...

I missed it last night because of I had Pizza party calling my name- but I enjoy my #hsmommas every day - I'll try to be there for the next "official" meet - but if anyone has questions or just wants to say hi throughout the week - one of us or another is always standing by to tweet ya with a hello, prayer partner, or encouragement! Thanks kathy for the post! :)
Kelli - @AdventurzNchild

michelle said...

I will be there next go round. Have set an alarm on my phone ;)

Stef Layton said...

so glad you're doing this - 2yrs ago that's what The Homeschool Village was supposed to be ... a twitter chat for hs moms. (after attending 2 twitter parties back to back - I changed gears and it started as a link up).

Keep encouraging - many women #hsmommas need it!

k balman said...

Cannot wait to see everyone on Friday again. Please make sure you share the information about #hsmommas on twitter.

Unknown said...

Love this :) Amazing that our little group caught the attention of so many :) I should be able to hop in on Fridays - although I'll be chatting throughout the week!

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