Sunday, January 15, 2012

Natural Inquirer - FREE Homeschool Resource

I ordered some of these FREE journals from the Natural Inquirer (don't you just love the name) and they arrived about 3 days later via FedEx. These are an amazing resource for any home school family. Included in each journal is science related information, glossaries, activities and more. There are also additional resources online for children and teachers that go along with each journal.

I ordered the following journal editions because I felt the information would be more relevant to my children's age group which is 4-6 yrs old. But they have many others to choose from. You can also choose to print them in a pdf but if your like me you already print so much so why not save some ink and paper.

Here's some of what I ordered:
-USDA Forest Service
-Wilderness Benefits
-Invasive Species
-The Worlds Forests
-Climate Change
-Ecosystem Services
-Student Scientist
-Experimental Forests and Ranges
-Wildland Fire

You can order your issues here as well as find the additional resources to go along with each. You can also sign up to be alerted about new publications.

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