Saturday, October 8, 2011

A week in the life of homeschoolers - Week 10

Well we made it through the week. Homeschool went well and the kids asked to do homeschool just about everyday. But due to only having one car and some other life stresses we had to take some days off. I did have a lot of fun experimenting with my camera this week. Photography, scrapbooking and geocaching are my favorite hobbies. Posted below are some of the awesome memories I captured.

So here is our week in the life of homeschoolers update week 10!

Monday: We had to take Ben to work so unfortunately we didn't get any school done. Rowyn had speech and then we squeezed in a short trip to the playground. But Gwyn had to skip Tae Kwon Do because unfortunately I haven't master the art of being in two places at once. I actually did not take a single picture on Monday wow that's amazing.

Tuesday: We continued our Fall unit study workboxes. And then went to the playground and enjoyed the beautiful Fall weather.

Gwyns picture of a time machine. We are reviewing several copies of
Adventures in Odyssey. So after reading a few chapter the night before I had her draw some pictures.
Sorting biggest to smallest.
Making leaf men.
Leaf study worksheet.
Rowyn sitting on playground stairs.
Gwyn is becoming quite the pro at the monkey bars.
The kids know I was having a rough week so they told me to make a wish.
The kids playing with a piece of wood.
Gwyn swinging from a tree, my little monkey. She gets it from her mommy.
Swinging high!
Gathering some maple leaves.
Wednesday: I was a little stressed with everything that had been occurring all week so I really needed a break. The kids played together most of the morning and then we headed to the playground with their bikes.

Rowyn's tower.
Gwyn riding her bike.
I think Rowyn needs a new bike soon, very soon.
My monkey again.
Gwyn taking pictures of me. She loves stealing my camera.

Thursday: After taking Ben to work we headed to the library for a field trip and surprise. It was Llama Llama day!! The kids got to pet real Llamas and participate in the Jumpstart's Read for the Record Campaign the book this year was "Llama, Llama Red Pajamas." After the library we headed home and read some of our library books before heading to Mommom's and Poppop's. Mommom and Poppop (aka Grandma and Grandpa) were nice enough to take Rowyn to soccer while Gwyn and I went to pick Ben up from work. Because once again I just cannot figure out how to be in two places at once.

Gwyn loved the Llamas. She didn't wanted to stay there all day.
Cheese! This ones name is Java.
This one loved cuddling with Gwyn. Her name is Maid Marian.
I love this shot with the sun rays.
Our wonderful librarian Ms. Olivia.
Friday: The kids did homeschool in their pj's and then we headed to the playground AGAIN for some fun.

Working on another leave sobservation page.
Counting and number recognition.
Measuring pumpkin vines.
Cutting and gluing.
Leaf graph game. We all played and Gwyn won!
Life skills. How to buckle a baby in a car seat, lol.
More life skills how to pack a box.
Digging in the dirt making dirt cakes.

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Chestnut Grove Academy said...

I think that baby is a little small for that carseat ;) What a cute idea! Thanks for linking up, I can see lots of fun was had again this week! :D

The Adventurer said...

Love the Llama at the library:) what a fun library you have there! Thanks for linking up to the Let's Hit the Road Field trip hop:)

DSLA said...

Thanks for linking up! I had a stressful week too. Hope we both have a better one this week! Looks like it was still a goo learning week! Way to go!

Mary Prather said...

Gasp! They did homeschool in their pjs?!?! ;-)

I loved reading about your week, Kathy. You have some very blessed children, that's for sure!

Lavish Bookshelf said...

LLove LLama day at the LLibrary! :-) Thanks for sharing. I'm stopping by from the Field Trip Blog Hop and I'm loving these pictures!

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