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Seasons of a Mothers Heart - Chapter 6

I am reading Seasons of a Mothers Heart by Sally Clarkson and linking up over at Home With The Boys. Remember you can also follow tweets about the book by using hashtag #momsheart.

Chapter 6 - Surprised by Joy

Five years ago I though our kids would be going to public school like "every other kid." But two years ago we made the decision to homeschool because we decided we wanted our children to be educated in a safe, loving environment where they could develop a love for learning and be able to pursue their interests.

I honestly didn't have too many fears about homeschooling because I had spent last year and a half researching and gathering resources. I went to public school from K-12th and even though I was a 4.0, straight A, honor roll student I didn't REALLY enjoy school. My husband was homeschooled throughout elementary and he also attended private and public school. He enjoyed homeschool the most because he was able to do what he enjoyed most which was read books, lots of books.

My biggest fear (beside having no money) is teaching my children to read. But after 10 weeks of homeschool that fear is starting to go away. Because I am finding joy in watching my 5 yr old is learn to read 2 and 3 letter words. She is picking up on it pretty quickly too.

I am finding joy in them asking to homeschool every morning (including the weekends).

I am finding joy in watching them help each other with schoolwork and daily tasks.

I am finding joy in watching their creativity blossom.

I am finding joy in finally being at home where I belong.

What are you finding joy in, in your homeschool?

My Life:
Personal application: Take some time to slowly and reflectively look at your family photos or photo album to remind yourself of how God has been working in your family through you. Now I just need to just find time to start scrapbooking again so we can actually look through pictures.

Quotes and Scriptures that really hit my heart:
-I am simply a facilitator, releasing skills and abilities already there in my children. pg 112
-I really loved this quote by Sally Clarkson because well I love creating memories and preserving those memories and I love the analogy she used of being a painter. "It has been such a joy in discovering my role as a painter of memories." pg 115
-In God's good and perfect design the mother is at home, nurturing and loving her children, contributing to the spiritual and intellectual training of her children. pg 117

 If you have read the book please feel free to share your thoughts!

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