Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our School Room

Welcome to our homeschool classroom (aka the dining room)! We don't have a ton of space to work with (the joys of apartment life) but I think I managed to make it work. And we of course do lots of outdoor activities and field trips so we are not always stuck in this teeny tiny space. We also use the sofa which is on the other side of the room during reading time. My computer and workspace are also on the other side of the room. Here are the pictures and descriptions!

Our tiny classroom! The table is a kitchen island which can be rolled
out of the way to create more floor space for certain activities. The top of the island is
painted with chalkboard paint
Our kitchen island of maps!
Close up of USA map on the other picture it is filled with postcards from
the post card swap we are participating in.
Activity bin with craft supplies, play-doh, stencils, etc.
Computer station.
Our very loaded down bookcase which holds all of our resources, supplies, paper, etc.
Pocket chart that is attached to the bookcase with a curtain rod. It rolls up to
stay out of the way when its not being used.
Filing system for workboxes.
Workbox charts.
A look inside the workboxes.
This is where we hang our library bag and Home Depot aprons.
Our calendar and chore chart are attached to the side of the filing cabinet.
Our GA map where we keep track of the parks/historic sites we visit.
No school room would be complete without an American Flag.


Chestnut Grove Academy said...

Great use of space!! Love it!

Rebagv said...


I love the pocket chart hanging on the curtain rod. I should try something like this. Cool!

I agree with Jen. You used the space to your advantage. ;)


Mary Prather said...


You are so organized. Your workbox system seems similar to mine - I use hanging files in a plastic box and it is working well. Happy Homeschooling!

Sam said...

Great work! It is hard to be creative with small spaces, but you did great!

Christy said...

Great job! You are so organized...great use of your space. Thanks for dropping by!

Hodgepodgemom said...

Oh wow! How creative you are. Of course, I love the chalkboard topped table. Also that you can roll it away if you'd like to. A whole lota learning going on there. Wonderful use of space - vertically!

Leslie said...

I too love the pocket chart on a curtain rod idea! I also love the USA map. Where did you get it? Thanks for your comment on my blog. I hope the accordion file idea works for you too!

Debbie said...

I agree with the others, great way to take advantage of all that space. Dining rooms make the best classrooms in my opinion.

Brenda said...

I would have never guessed this was an apartment! You've done a great job.

Rebecca said...

Kathy! Hi sweet Mama! I love what you've done! You are so very organized and everything looks GREAT!!!!!

k balman said...

@Leslie One of the USA maps is a wallie decal and can be ordered on amazon

Leslie said...

Cool! Thanks for the link!

Theresa said...

I love all of your posters and just the general feel of your room oozes enriching activities!!

Thanks for linking up the the Three Thinking Mothers Blog Roll!

Angela @ kinder days said...

great use of your apartment space!!! very organized... have a GREAT school year!!!
Angela @ Kinder Days

fixedonHIM said...

Love how you've made such good use of your space! Have a wonderful year!

KarenW said...

I totally understand apartments and tiny spaces. We just moved from one. Lived in it for four years with three kids. You've done a great job! Looks nice.

Linda @ Linda's Lunacy said...

Great room! We used to homeschool in an apartment as well. We used the dining room, too. At one point, I put all the school stuff at one end of the living room, with the couch dividing the school room and living area.
I love the kitchen island maps. :)

k balman said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by! I am glad you enjoyed our schoolroom! It seems to be working okay for us so far.

Sarah said...

Great use of space!

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