Wednesday, August 17, 2011

An Introduction To The Wyning Academy

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to the Wyning Academy! I am participating in the "Not" Back to School Blog Hop and this week is student photo week.

First I would like tell you about our school name, The Wyning Academy. We have a logo and everything (I know I am nutty). The name comes from the common letters in the kids names Gwyndolyn and Rowyn. It is pronounced like winning. Someone asked be if it was pronounced like whining and well I guess some days we are the whining academy, lol.
Above is our logo which was created by my artist husband. The logo like our school name represents our children and the meanings behind their names. Our daughter's name is Gwyndolyn Rose. Gwyndolyn means fair/white/blessed and Rose well that's self explanatory. So the vine of white roses around the tree represents her. Our son's name is Rowyn Michael. Rowyn comes from the European Rowan tree that has red leaves and berries and means little red one. And Michael means "Who is like God". So the red tree symbolizes both the Rowan tree and the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden which was part of Gods Creation. The tree is also a symbol of strength and growth which every homeschool needs! And the swing is a reminder to always have FUN!

Teacher aka Kathy and Mommy
Gwyndolyn the Kindergartener
Rowyn the PreKer
And there you have it our homeschool!


Unknown said...

Super cute pics!

Your gonna think I'm a stalker since I now follow you here too...hehe. Us homeschooling bloggers got to stick together and help each other out. =)

I really hope you and your kids have a fantastic year!

Many Blessings!

Jade Clark said...

Oh my goodness, they are adorable. Love the mohawk! Rock on!

April said...

So great-- the name, your kids' names, and your logo! I wanted to name my youngest daughter Gwyndolyn! I LOL'ed at "I guess some days we are the whining academy"-- some days we are, too. :)

April said...

and I forgot to say how totally cute your kids are!

Unknown said...

Great pics - and I love the logo!!

fixedonHIM said...

Your kids are adorable! Love your logo for the school!

Anonymous said...

I so don't think you are nutty at all. Hubby and I have been trying to come up with a creative name for our school and a logo but so far we can't agree on anything, this is always the case lol. Love the whole meaning behind both the name and the logo. You have a beautiful family. Best wishes to you this year.

Rebecca said...

I love your logo...and your kiddies are so cute. I can't wait to hear that instrument Rowyn was telling me about at the convention...You are such a fun Mom...and inspire me on so many levels!!!

KarenW said...

I love your creativity in your name and logo! Have a blessed year.

Kathy Balman said...

Thanks everyone for the sweet posts and encouragement! So far we are off to a great start and the kids seem to be enjoying it.

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