Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 3 in 30 Challenge - Week 1 Progress

Here's an update on the 1st week of my June 3 in 30 challenge goals. I feel I accomplished at least 2 out of my 3 goals this week. Next week we are on vacation so I probably won't make too much progress for week 2 but I will sure try. This week was rough especially the last few days. It seemed like one bad thing after another was occurring. I also failed miserably on my May goals that I wanted to keep up with.

Here are my June goals, each week I will let you know how I am doing.

1. Start packing for our big move to Savannah - Nope didn't get anything packed up this week.
2. Work on one of my OCD habits - I've been doing much better with this. I've been forcing myself to finish everything I have opened before I open another. I would catch myself starting to open another bag of chips when we already had two open or opening another jar of applesauce when we still had one in the refrigerator.
3. Try to get as much money saved before our move - Well next week we are going to Savannah and hopefully my husband finds a job. We put a little bit aside from our checks last week. More will go aside when my husband gets his next check. I still need to sell the items I have in our ebay/craigslist box. My goal is to get the items up next weekend when we return from our trip. I did very well with not eating out for lunch I took my lunch to work everyday this week. I did have one day though where the kids talked me into Little Caesars pizza. Well wish us luck next week! We will also be viewing our future apartment complex.

So how did your week go?


Theresa said...

Oh wow, you have a lot going on! Moving! New jobs! Yikes! I hope everything goes well!

k balman said...

@Theresa Thanks. Unfortunately right after I wrote this up hubby came in and gave me bad news. Looks like my car will most likely need replaced. So now we are not going to Savannah next week. I had to cancel our hotel and the homeschool convention tickets (I was planning to attend a small one there to meet some people). And now our move may be moved to October. I am so distraught right now and upset. Its been such a bad week.

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