Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 3 in 30 Challenge - Week 4 Final Week

Made some progress again!!!

It was a crazy week and I totally FAILED on one of my goals due to my car breaking down and misbehaving children.

Well here are my goals for May and the progress I made last week:

1. Start getting my homeschool curriculum put together and organized. - I made great progress. Printed some more resources and continued to work on our binder.
2. Stop using fowl language around my kids. *ashamed of this one* Big FAIL! I was very stressed up until Thursday and let some bad language slip. Especially on Monday when the car broke down. Thankfully we have a great auto shop and they had it fixed my broken axle by Thursday for only $300, which I've been told by several people is a good price. I only had to rent a car for one day  and of course I used a coupon code to get 10% off. The children were also misbehaving more than normal, probably due to lack of sleep since its been impossible to get them to go to bed these days. But then on Thursday things did start to look up, probably because I knew I had the next 5 days off work. Thursday Gwyn had her final day at PreK and last day ever stepping foot in a public school. After we went to the pool. And yesterday we had 2 field trips in 1 day. Today we are going to a friends house for a cookout.
3.Play a game with my kids at least once a week. -  I finally completed my third goal. Yesterday I played Guess Who with Gwyn.

I hope everyone had a successful month! Cannot wait to read your post on how your final week in May went and what your June goals are.


Unknown said...

Great progress!! So glad that you were able to get your car repaired! It can be stressful to have to GET a car when you really don't want to do that!!

It will be fun to share in your homeschooling journey in the fall!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy!
I came across your page & it made me take a walk down memory lane (I have been homeschooling 7 yrs now WOW! hard to believe lol)
I love your goals and it make me think that maybe I should set some too , thanks for the idea;)
I hope your 1st yr goes perfect but, just remember everyone has a 1st year and it will come together I promise :D
Mom to a Cutie pieKindergartener and a thinks-she-is-all-grown-up 3rd Grader

Kathy Balman said...

Thanks guys for the encouragement. Keri please join us on the 3 in 30 challenge, Anyone can join and its a great way to help stay focused on your goals and get some encouragement. Many of the women participating are homeschool moms.

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