Friday, April 29, 2011

May 3 in 30 Challenge

May is going to be my first month taking part in a challenge called 3 in 30. The idea behind the challenge is to break down your goals and pick 3 to tackle each month  (roughly 30 days). Then with the help of 3 in 30 friends providing you encouragement and accountability you work towards reaching those goals. Here are my May goals, each week I will let you know how I am doing.

1. Start getting my homeschool curriculum put together and organized. I have loads of resources that I have been gathering but it needs to start being organized so when the fall comes and its time to start schooling I will be ready and prepared.
2. Stop using fowl language around my kids. *ashamed of this one* My kids are going to help me with this by utilizing a swear jar. Every time I swear I will put money in a jar for them. I know with money involved they will stay on top of me.
3.Play a game with my kids at least once a week. They are always begging me to play a game with them. My daughters favorite games are guess who and pretty princess. And my sons favorite games are dominoes, memory and *sigh* pretty princess. But between dropping off and picking up my daughter from public pre-k, working part time outside the home, dance once a week, dinner, grocery shopping, household chores, etc. I always get too busy and blow them off and say tomorrow. But then tomorrow comes and its the same story no time tonight guys.

What are your goals for May?


Ashley Pichea [] said...

Great goals, Kathy! And I love how you're adding an extra layer of accountability by "owing" your kids when you slip up! So glad to have you joining us this month for the 3in30 Challenge!!

Unknown said...

Those are wonderful goals - I know you can do them! The idea of a money jar is a good one - I bet it works quickly :)

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