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Spark Curiosity With Guinness World Records 2017: Block Busters

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Hey homeschool moms, do you  have a child that sometimes says they are not interested in anything?  Well when we first began our unschooling journey my children sometimes would say those dreaded words and wouldn't have the slightest idea about what they wanted to learn about. But then we discovered Guinness World Records and Ripley's Believe It Or Not books. After a few minutes of paging through these books my children were full of questions and ideas about things they wanted to delve deeper into learning about. Both of these book series helped make our homeschool a little more interesting and exciting. So if you have a child that says "I am not interested in anything," hand them one of these books and watch their curiosity be sparked.

We recently received Guinness World Records 2017: Blockbusters the newest book in the Guinness World Record portfolio and have been having a blast learning the record-breaking low-down on the top trends and personalities in pop culture. But that is not all that this new book provides. It also adds an educational and entertaining twist by providing information about the real-life records behind  favorite fictional stories. For example you can find facts about the world's largest ocean creatures which served as inspiration for the characters in the 2016 hit movie, Finding  Dory.

Last month we went on a fieldtrip to see the last show for the Greatest Show on Earth. I immediately grabbed our Guinness World Records 2017: Blockbusters book, to see if Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus was highlighted in the book.....and of course they were. They are the longest running circus in the World...147 years this year.

Over the last few months we have used our Guinness World Records book to compliment various fieldtrips, to spark interest and to settle debates. This is definitely one book the entire family will enjoy!

Throughout this book children will discover:

6 chapters featuring kid-focused activities, with captivating features, spreads quizzes and stats:
  1. Watch: learn about box office blockbusters such as X-Men, Disney, Star Trek, Finding Dory and more.
  2. Browse: explore record-breaking vloggers, memes, and impressive social media feats from the digital world.
  3. Read: dive into records from fan-favorites including Dr. Seuss, the Divergent series, Harry Potter and comic books.
  4. Play: examine amazing records relating to popular toys, from Lego and Knex to robots and drones.
  5. Go: check out jaw-dropping roller coasters, impressive circus performances, and attendance feats at sporting events in this section full of records involving outdoor activities and attractions.
  6. Consume: drool over records featuring delicious food, drinks and sweets.
Record breaking activities:   

Throughout the book young readers are encouraged to become the record breaker in the house, and potentially the world by attempting the record-breaking  challenges exclusively featured in the pages of this book. How many underwear can you put on in one minute?

Jaw dropping photographs:

Not only is this book filled with amazing records but it also is filled with fantastic full color photos.

To add to the fun Guinness World Records also has additional exclusive content including interviews with record holders, interesting photos, fun games, quizzes and tutorials on the record-challenges to try at home on their website.

There is also a fantastic Place Value Math Activity download available to compliment the book.

Now available for only $14.99 (currently it's on sale on Amazon), its colorful and kid-friendly pages are filled with fun, educational, and exclusive records of interest to ages 6-12 and will make for the perfect addition to any library. It also strongly emphasizes reading and activities (which could relate to social & cognitive development, & academic skills) and ultimately be of interest to educators.

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