Monday, January 30, 2017

The Best Educational Toys that Offer Holistic Development

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Kids definitely have it all in this day and age. It is so easy to get them toys from all across the world these days, some parents just cannot keep up with all of their requests. You can get them building blocks from the UK, educational toys from Australia, even those animal rocking chairs in the US. But there are some toys that we should be focusing on, and those are toys that stimulate a child’s mental capabilities. These are not just educational, in a way, it also enhances their physical capabilities.

Here we have listed down toys that offer holistic development when our kids play with them.

Smart Globe Discovery by Oregon Scientific
Teach your kids all about the different countries and continents of the world with the Smart Globe Discovery. It comes with 19 interactive games that can teach you kids all about capital cities, geologic features, and more. This is one of the best ways to help expand your kids’ vocabulary and to ensure that their grasp on general knowledge is improving.

Genius Kit by Osmo
If the name of this is any indicator, our kids will probably become smarter than us in the future. The Genius Kit is a technology-based board game that aims to stimulate a child’s problem-solving skills. It features interactive activities on Tangram, Masterpiece, Newton, Words, and Numbers. There are also a whole lot more that can be downloaded through iOS.

Rock on! Geology Game with Rock and Mineral Collection Kit by iLaughnLearn
A different kind of science kit is surely a good addition to your child’s growing number of toys. This does not make use of the usual soft chemicals to make volcanoes or bolts and wires for their first circuit board; Rock On! is meant to teach kids about the planet through its natural geologic processes. They will learn about and be able to create rock formations and stones. The kit comes with rock cards, rock specimens, and a little more than 60 minerals and elements.

Mathlink Cubes - 100 by Learning Resources
Mathlink Cubes work like LEGOs, in a way that each cube can be attached to another on all its sides. It has been used to teach kids basic mathematical concepts, like assigning values to differently coloured cubes and allowing them to think through the problem in front of them. It has become a most helpful tool in improving their math skills, but more than that, it can also improve a child’s spatial skills and motor coordination.

There are still countless of other educational toys your kids can play with on their free time. Bring this list with you when you are considering what to give them for as a gift. Remember, though, that education does not just come from the toys or from lessons learnt in school. Being able to do things with them, something as simple as playing these toys with them helps enhance their communication skills and will surely add to your bonding moments.

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