Monday, May 25, 2015

Summer Reading Round Up - Graphic Novels

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Both of my children love graphic novels. As a matter of fact the first book my daughter read all on her own was actually a graphic novel!!! I think graphic novels work well for my children for a few reasons. First the text is often broken up into small segments which are placed into boxes or speech bubbles. This is great for children, like mine, who become easily overwhelmed and stressed when it comes to reading. And second both of my children are huge fans of comic book style artwork, which graphic novels are full of.

Both my husband and I as well as our children have dyslexia and tracking issues, but we don't let that hinder our love for reading. Instead we find ways to encourage our children and show them that just because our brains work a little differently doesn't mean we cannot be successful readers and writers. Well one way of doing that is by providing them with reading resources that get them excited about reading and provide them with a confidence boost....and graphic novels do that in a big way for our children,

So why do graphic novels work well for dyslexic children? Well here are several reasons.

  • Graphic novels offer cues to the story which means if a child gets hung up on the text or storyline the illustrations offer contextual cues to help them decipher the meaning on their own.
  • The pictures in graphic novels help children remember details of the story improving their comprehension. 
  • Graphic novels are shorter so children don't loose focus or interest. 
  • Graphic novels motivate children and boost their confidence.
  • Graphic novels support vocabulary development.
  • The stories are just as complex as most chapter books.
  • Graphic novels encompass fiction, historical fiction, and non-fiction, and cover a variety of themes and topics, including true crime, history, science, biography, and memoirs.

If you'd like to give graphic novels a try this summer with your readers check out this list:

There are so many graphic novels out now so I am sure I missed some good ones....what are some of your children's favorites? 

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