Saturday, March 21, 2015

2015 UGA Summer Camps For Middle and High School Students

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Calling all middle and high school students who want to make this a summer to remember, you must check out!! If you have a child age 11-17 who has a desire to do amazing things then be sure to check out the 30+ amazing summer camps on the university campus in Athens this summer. Whether they dream about becoming a film director, doctor, scientist or artist Summer Academy at UGA has something for everyone.

There are affordable day and overnight options available and each camp offers hands-on activities led by professionals in some of the most interesting career fields. Camps run June-July and are filling up FAST. Register by March 22nd and save $20 off day camps and $40 off overnight camps.

I am honestly a little jealous I can't sign up for one or more of these amazing camps...really why doesn't someone offer camps for adults? I wonder if I can pass as 17? The comic book art, photography, entrepreneurship and engineering camps are the ones that caught my attention but they really all sound great.

Here is a run down of some of the amazing camps being offered:

Art camps:
  • Beta Beats - Learn how to make electronic beats, loops, samples, and songs. 
  • Comic Book Art - Work on developing your drawing and inking.
  • 3D Animation - Learn basic modeling and animation techniques.
  • Photography - Explore an array of digital techniques build an online portfolio.
  • Digital Film School - Become part of a film crew that gets to write, direct and produce an original movie.
Academic camps:
  • College Preview - Explore life in a college setting.
  • University Prep - Start preparing for college.
  • Creative Writing - Write a story, poem, or novel.
Career camps:
  • Creative Entrepreneurship – For budding innovators. Are you overflowing with ideas and ready to turn them into reality? 
  • Mini Medical School - Think you're ready for a career in healthcare? Try this experience. Cool field trips and a mock surgery included. 
  • Engineering - Explore the world of engineering and participate in hands-on activities and friendly competitions.

There are even a few more interesting camps to choose from; UGA Summer Academy has so much to offer! Visit for a full listing and more information about each camp or give them a call 706-542-3537.

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