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The Electrifying Nervous System Review

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This month for the Moms of MasterBooks we reviewed The Electrifying Nervous System! Below is my review about the book. 

A moms review:
I have been dealing with some health issues for a few years now and a lot of the issues I deal with stem from spinal issues. I find myself constantly trying to explain how the nervous system works and why it is so important for it work properly to my children so they understand what it is I am dealing with on a daily basis. But it can be a hard topic for children to comprehend fully. I just started seeing a new doctor so yet again I found myself trying to explain everything that is going on with my body to the children. Thankfully just two days after seeing my new doctor a great book arrived in the mail called The Electrifying Nervous System.

This beautiful 8 x 11, hardback book is 78 pages. It was written by Lainna Callentine a homeschooling pediatrician. This book is the first in a set of nine focusing on the amazing design and functionality of all nine systems of the human body...I cannot wait for the others to be released.

The Electrifying Nervous System book is loaded with amazing facts, information and full color, glossy photos which are very vivid and do a great job of keeping children engaged. 

The book is broken into 11 bite sized chapters:

  • Vocabulary: This chapter covers 42 vocab words and phrases, They are divided into 3 levels, because this book is designed to be used with multiple grades. 
  • Chapter 1: Historical Points of Interest - My favorite chapter. In this chapter the history of neurology is covered. 
  • Chapter 2: Looking Inside the Brain - Ever wonder what really goes on inside your brain? This chapter covers the various ways doctors can see and study the brain in patients.
  • Chapter 3: The Basics of the Nervous System - In this chapter you will learn the basics of the nervous system including the smallest and most fundamental part...the neuron.
  • Chapter 4: The Anatomy and Physiology of the Nervous System - This chapter is the longest and is very detailed but don't worry because it is broken into segments to make it easier to comprehend. All the parts of the brain and what they do are discussed. 
  • Chapter 5: The Developing Brain - This chapter walks you through the development of the brain from fetus to adult. 
  • Chapter 6: A Case for the Brain - This chapter covers the skull, fluid, blood vessels, and protection of the brain.
  • Chapter 7: The Blood Brain Barrier - This chapter talks about the The Gate Keeper which protects the brain and spinal cord. The large, up close photo of the vertebrae in this chapter is amazing and just what I needed to help my children understand some of my health issues.
  • Chapter 8: The Backbone - This chapter is about the spine and the dermatomes. It was also very helpful for explaining to the children my health issues.
  • Chapter 9:  The Atonomic Nervous System - In this chapter the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system branches are covered..
  • Chapter 10: Health Facts - This is the second longest chapter but covers lots of interesting topics regarding things the brain does that you can actually see or feel. It also covers nutrition for the brain, careers in neuroscience, and ways to keep the brain healthy.
  • Chapter 11: Wacky, Weird, and Wow - This was my daughters favorite chapter. It covers some strange facts and stories about the brain. Like did you know that during the dark ages the "cure" for a throbbing headache was to put a hole in your head? Thank goodness we don't still that because my head would look like swiss cheese. 
This book can be used in a variety of ways and is great for children of all ages through High School. It is great compliment to current health and science studies or can even be used as a stand alone curriculum.  In April a Parent Lesson planner will be released which will include tests, and resources. Be sure to preview the book here.

More about the book:
Discover Your Design!

Developed by a homeschooling pediatrician, this book focuses on the amazing design and functionality of the human body’s nervous system. You will discover:

  • The main areas and structures of the brain and what important role each plays in making your body work
  • Awesome examples of God’s creativity in both the design and precision of human anatomy showing you are wonderfully made
  • Important historical discoveries and modern medical techniques used for diagnosis and repair of the brain!

Learn interesting and important facts about why you sleep, the function of the central nervous system, what foods can superpower your brain functions, and much more in a wonderful exploration of the brain and how it controls the wondrous machine known as your body!

Watch the book trailer:

Where to buy:
You can purchase The Electrifying Nervous System for as low as $9.99 at New Leaf Publishing. You can also get the book on Amazon.

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