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Out of the Box Games - Snake Oil Party Potion Review

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Out of the Box Games is an American game publisher that has been dedicated to providing fun, innovative party, card and board games since 1998. All of their games are easy to learn, colorfully illustrated, fun, educational and easily played in less than an hour. And they have won numerous awards.

A moms review: 
We love a lot. We love them so much that we have an entire chest and bookshelf full of them. And I am always on the search for games that are not only fun, but also educational. Well the game we received from Out of the Box Games totally fits the bill!

We received a copy of Snake Oil – Party Potion which is recommended for children ages 8 years and older...however younger children that are able to read will be able to play as well. Snake Oil is super easy to learn and lots of fun to play. We couldn't wait to play Party Potion, so the day it arrived we grabbed the quilt, headed out to the front lawn and played several rounds. Both my 8 and 7 year old loved the game and had no trouble playing it.  They especially liked that there were no lengthy instructions. It was the perfect way sneak in reading for the day. Since then we have played the game several times and each time the game is tons of fun and different than time before.

Before I get into the game playing specifics I want to tell you the educational values of this game. It just so happened that we were learning about the Wild West when the game arrived and it went along wonderfully with what we were learning about. Have you ever heard of Snake Oil? Well the term Snake Oil is from the Wild West days and was used to describe fake health products. In the ol' days, salesmen would try to convince customers to buy oil or liquors in medicine bottles. Yup those magic bottles would cure all yer' aches and pains. People spent their life savings only to realize a few days later that they had been swindled and that the Snake Oil salesman was long gone and probably already in the next town.  Some of the other educational concepts this game promotes are oral presentation skills, creativity and innovation, risk taking, communication skills, vocabulary building, empathetic persuasion strategies and more.

How To Play The Game:
The game is designed to be played by 3-6 players, takes just 5 minutes to learn and 20-30 minutes to play....but your children will have so much fun they will want to play for hours.

To play Snake Oil Party Potion you first decide who will be the customer. The customer then chooses a customer card (blue on one side and green on the other). The customer cards provide a role such as Mad Scientist, Princess, Snowman, The President, etc.

The other players use the word cards (2 sets included) to create a unique, outrageous product for the customer. Each player (aka Snake Oil salesman) will lay down two word cards to create a potion. Next they will pitch their product to the customer and convince them as to why they NEED the product. Boy does it get silly.

After the players have made their pitches, the customer awards the customer card to the player who had the best sales pitch. Then the player to the left of the customer becomes the next customer. The game continues in this fashion until everyone has been the customer at least once....or in our case until all the customer cards are finished. The winning player is the one with the most customer cards.

Doesn't that sound like tons of fun?

The game even grows with your children because you can combine the Snake Oil Party Potion cards with the original Snake Oil game (recommended for ages 10 and up) for even more game playing fun.

This game is lots fun and perfect for the entire family...even the anti game playing members. We had a blast playing and laughing together. And later the children had fun drawing pictures of the crazy products they concocted. Can you imagine what poison milk, magic pants or wish plunger would like like? We loved the fact that the game is easy to transport making it perfect for family camping trips, car rides or hotel stays. It has become a new family favorite and thankfully it is packaged in a small box so it had no problem finding a home on the game shelf.

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Where to buy:
Snake Oil Party Potion retails for $14.99 and can be found at local game stores and on Amazon.

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