Friday, August 29, 2014

How To Draw A Horse Tutorial

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Recently contacted me and asked if they could provide my readers with a FREE drawing tutorial. As you may recall in my previous post, "Why the arts matter," I am a huge advocate the arts. Since Gwyn adores horses I asked WeDrawAnimals if they could provide a horse tutorial. has over 500 more animals on their website - some common, some pretty exotic. All of these tutorials are FREE. They also have a FREE eBook.

Gwyn and Rowyn would love to see what your children draw. Please share them on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram or Twitter (@kbalman on Twitter and Instagram).


Twingle Mommy said...

It looks like a great place to stay for families but do you think it's a good place for an anniversary? My husband and I are going to Myrtle in October and we are in the process of looking at hotels. Thanks!

Kathy Balman said...

Twingle thanks for stopping by. It is definitely more of a family resort, in my opinion. Personally if I were celebrating my anniversary I would want a more romantic, quiet resort. I know there were many up on the North side that looked a little more quiet and relaxing for couples. The price at Crown Reef is really great though so if you are on a budget it may end up being the best option. I hope that helps.

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