Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Affordable, Easy Decorating For Any Room

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I must admit we have been living in our home for a year now and it is still not completely decorated, though I wish it could be. Heck I still have a couple boxes I never unpacked. So why isn't our home decorated? Well here are several reasons!!!!

Reason number one is cost...have you seen the price of paint, hardware and furniture lately? Reason number two is that we rent, so we are restricted on certain things we can and cannot do. Reason number three is I just don't have time. Between blogging, homeschooling and traveling decorating is not at the top of my list. And reason number four is I really dislike painting, stenciling, rearranging, etc!

Thankfully I found the perfect solution....

Decdecals' vinyl wall stickers, vinyl wall quotes and custom quotes make decorating affordable, easy and fun. There are hundreds of options to choose from in the wall quotes sticker shop and these vinyl stickers can easily add an updated look to any room. My favorite thing about the vinyl wall stickers and quotes is that they are quick and easy to apply. And even easier to remove, which makes them great for renters, like us. Vinyl wall stickers and quotes start at around $20 which is about the same price as a can of paint. Decdecals always offers a buy 2 get 1 free deal, free delivery on orders over $50, secure payment checkout, easy returns and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The first room I decided to finalize the decorating in is our homeschool classroom. This room gets a lot of use and I want it to be a fun and inviting place for my children. Before we moved into our house a year ago I decided to do a  Dr. Seuss theme for the room, because he is my favorite author and I love all of his quotes and characters.  Even our Bearded Dragon has a Truffalla Tree background on his cage. So I began searching on the Decdecals website for some stickers that we could utilize in our homeschool classroom. Imagine my surprise when I found these AWESOME Dr. Seuss quotes. They are the perfect fit!!!

Stand out Don't Fit In Motivational Wall Quotes
You Have Brains In Your Head Vinyl Wall Quotes
Be Who You Are Vinyl Quotes Decal
We Are All A Little Weird Quotes Sticker
If you are not a fan of Dr. Seuss quotes that's okay because there are hundreds of other amazing quotes like this house quote. All of the family quotes are so beautiful.


Other wall stickers that would be perfect for homeschool classrooms include: ABC stickers, chalkboard stickers, music note stickers, growth charts stickers, animal stickers, world map stickers and more. 

Animal Letters Alphabet Vinyl Educational Stickers

My favorite wall stickers are definitely the chalkboard stickers. Check out some of the many options. Wouldn't these be the perfect addition to a homeschool classroom? 

Pirate Ship Chalkboard Vinyl Decal

DIY Monthly Chalkboard Calendar Planner

Alphabet Writing Blackboard Educational Sticker

Okay so no more excuses, it's time to get decorating. Have you used vinyl stickers or lettering in your home? 

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