Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Top 10 Netflix Documentaries For Children

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My children love documentaries and watch at least 2 a day on Netflix. And you know what I don't mind, because you can learn a lot from documentaries and travel to far away destinations. These documentaries cover history, geography, science and more.

Here are some of their favorites on Netflix:

1) Mystery Files - these are short 23 minutes biography type files about famous people like Hitler, Joan of Arc, Abraham Lincoln and more.
2) National Geographic Documentaries - There are several great documentaries which are about 1 hour long. Some of my children's favorites are Amazing Planet, The Human Body, Secret Yellowstone, Extreme Alaska Denali National Park,
3) Beyond Survival with Les Stroud - Learn about the indigenous tribes around the globe and experience their culture, techniques and secrets. Episodes are about 45 minutes long.
4) Disney Nature - Currently Wings of Life and Crimson Wing are on Netflix, hopefully the rest will be added soon. These documentaries are a little over 1 hour long.
5) Micro Cosmos - This is a 75 minute documentary that takes a fascinating look at the world of insects and other tiny creatures through powerful microscopic cameras and special microphones.
6) The Life Of Birds - Learn about over 300 species of birds in this documentary series. Episodes are about 50 minutes long.
7) Inside - These are really short documentaries and only about 20 minutes long. There are several including Pixar, McDonalds, DeBeers and more.
8) How Stuff Works - There are currently 2 seasons on Netflix and episodes are about 40-45 minutes long. These shows unravel the questions behind the food items we take for granted.
9) How Do They Do It - go behind the scenes to do things, and make the things that form our modern world. There is 1 season and episodes are about 20-25 minutes long.
10) Dear America - These shows are based on a book series and though they are not a true documentaries they are very informative and filled with great historical information.

*We may let our children watch things other parents may not approve of. So before you let your children watch any of these I encourage you to preview them first.

I will try to post a top 10 list of our favorite documentaries at least once a month!

Documentary printable:
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What are some of your favorite documentaries?

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