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Zoobean Review - Customized App and Book Subscription

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Zoobean was founded in May 2013 by a husband-wife duo Jordan Lloyd Bookey and Felix Brandon Lloyd. These two devoted parents were inspired to create Zoobean after struggling to find books and apps for their son. Jordan was the former head of K through 12 education at Google and Felix was named Washington DC's educator of the year. Armed with their background's in education they set out to create a resource that would make searching for books and apps a breeze for parents and teachers. The company is inspired by 3 values love, inclusion and remark-ability and has been featured on Shark Tank, Fox, NBC, Real Simple and many others.

"Zoobean serves as a Pandora for children's apps and books." Jordan Lloyd Bookey

A moms review:
Okay busy moms this subscription service is for you! We have been using the Zoobean service for a couple of months now have been very impressed. Zoobean is a subscription service, but it is unlike any other I have ever come across before. Keep reading to find out why!

What makes Zoobean one of a kind and absolutely amazing is that the customized reading and learning library is hand picked by an expert group of curators using the data you input upon setting up your account. During the set up process you will input your child's name, honorific title, age, reading level and interests. Next you will select your subscription option, there are several to choose from plus there is even a FREE 60 day trial. Once the account is created you will be able to customize your child's account 100% by selecting characters, genres, and preferred mobile OS. Setting up a customized subscription only takes about 10 minutes and your first app and book recommendations will arrive in your inbox in 24-48 hours.

Affordable subscription options include:

Zoobean SmartList - The Smartlist is a digital subscription and includes weekly app and book recommendations. These recommendations are added to your child's SmartList and personalized to your child's interests and reading levels. Printed books or eBooks are not included. You will need to pick up your child's personalized book selections at your local library, favorite bookseller, or preferred app store! Apps can be downloaded from the iTunes, Google Play and/or Amazon (some apps require a fee). Every six days an app or book recommendation will arrive in your inbox!

Along with the recommendations you will also receive reading guides and app companions for each selection which provide tips and activities for building literacy. These guides are fabulous and include everything from STEM connections to arts and crafts projects. The subscription also includes access to curated news and information and allows you to share your child's SmartList with teachers and family.

Zoobean Home - The Home subscription includes everything the SmartList subscription includes with the added bonus of receiving a handpicked book at your doorstep each month. You can choose from hardcover or papercover. Gwyn is always super excited when her books arrived each month addressed to, "Young Lady Gwyn Balman." There are monthly, 3, 6 and 12 month options and shipping is absolutely free. App recommendations will arrive every ten days in your inbox. The book reading guide will arrive several days prior to the book being shipped.

Overall thoughts:
As indicated above we have been very happy with the Zoobean service and I definitely have plans to renew it. Gwyn has absolutely loved the books that she has received and they were a perfect fit for her personality. Every month Gwyn looks forward to receiving a new book and thanks to Zoobean her confidence in reading has improved. As a busy homeschool mom Zoobean has saved me hours of research and has provided me with fabulous resources to help me expand my children's literacy. Check out the sample app companion and reading guide to see what is included. Zoobean is great for any family that loves books and apps and currently can be utilized for children up to age 8 1/2!

Gwyns review (age 8):
I really love the books I get in the mail. They are fun books to read and have great characters. I also like the apps. Even Monsters Get Sick is a fun story app and lots of fun, even my brother likes it.

These are the two books I got in the mail so far, I highly recommend reading them!


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Where to buy:
Try Zoobean FREE for 60 days. SmartList subscriptions are $7.99 - $19.95 and Home subscriptions are $12.99 - $189.00. Shipping is free on all hardcover and paperback subscriptions and you can cancel your Zoobean monthly subscription at any time.

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