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CTC Math Review - Online Math Tutor and Curriculum

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CTC Math is an online math program created by Pat Murray a World-renowned Australian math instructor and father of 10. The program was originally launched in Australia, but has gained huge popularity in the United States over the last couple of years. There are math lessons for Kindergarten through High School and there are many different subscription plans available as well. CTC Math is the perfect solution for ANY family that needs an online math tutor.

A moms review: 
I will be completely honest, I hate math! It is scary and challenging not only for me, but for both of my children and my husband. Yes, our children may be completely doomed when it comes to learning math. Because of our family's math fears and hatred I am always on the search for math resources that will make math fun and engaging. When I heard about CTC Math I was very intrigued and after checking out the free online math trial I decided it was something we definitely needed to review. So for the last several weeks my 6 and 8 year old have been utilizing the 12 Month Family Plan several times a week. I am so thankful there are terrific companies like CTC Math that create quality math programs not only for homeschool families, but for all families that may require online math tutoring assistance.

CTC Math is a comprehensive online math program that offers 1,397 animated and narrated math lessons. Since the lessons are narrated children can easily complete the lesson portion independently. This was fantastic for my very independent daughter! Each video is about 2-9 minutes long so they are perfect for children with short attention spans, like my son. To gauge the child's understanding of the material there are over 57,000 interactive questions and diagnostic tests which provide instant feedback.

The 12 Month Family Plan provides unlimited access to all lessons, across all grade levels, for up to ten students.

Levels Covered:

  • Kindergarten
  • 1st Grade
  • 2nd Grade
  • 3rd Grade
  • 4th Grade
  • 5th Grade
  • 6th Grade
  • Basic Math & Pre-Algebra
  • Elementary Measurement
  • Elementary Geometry
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Calculus

  • Currently grades K-6th can be utilized as a full curriculum and CTC is adding more information to the higher grade levels so they too can be utilized as a full curriculum.  There are also speed skills and times tables sections too!

    How it works:
    CTC Math is very simple to use. Both of my children had no issue logging in and finding the lessons. Since we are unschoolers I simply let my children choose what topic they wanted to cover each day. From the main menu children can also view their awards, detailed reports, settings (which include changing background color and updating email address), search for a particular topic and play a speed skills game.

    CTC Math logs and tracks your child's progress each and every time they log in and out. Parents can even opt to have a weekly email report sent showing what your child has accomplished. Once a topic is started it will be highlighted in gold (see above). This makes it very easy for children to see what they have started and what they still need to complete. Once inside a topic children will be able to see all of the lessons available. As they work through the lessons their completion and progress are tracked by a highlighted bar and quiz percentage. They will also be informed what medal they have been awarded so far and what average they will need to reach in order to obtain the next award level. Children can also take diagnostic tests (standard and comprehensive) which help to provide immediate assessment and feedback on all of the lessons in a topic. This is helpful in evaluating if you child is ready to move onto the next topic or if they need more practice. It can also be helpful in determining if a child could perhaps skip the lesson because they have already mastered the topic.

    Once in a lesson children will watch a video tutorial. As stated above these lessons are very short (for lower grade levels they are about 2-4 minutes) making them perfect for antsy children. There is a printable lesson summary for each of the tutorials as well. During the video the instructor explains the concept and works through several problems providing detailed explanations as he does so. The narrator has an Australian accent, but he is very easy to understand and speaks clearly and slowly.

    After completing the lesson children can simply click on the questions button to complete their quiz. These quizzes are not read to the child so if your child is not fully reading yet they may need some assistance. There are two types of quizzes interactive questions for lower grade levels and worksheets for higher grade levels. Interactive questions are instantly graded and the child will be provided the correct answer if they get a question incorrect. At the top of the quiz is a progress bar so they know how many questions remain. The number of questions varies, but seems to be between 7-15 on average. Children in higher grade levels will complete a worksheet then enter their answers into the system to be graded (this is because the higher grade level problems are more complex).

    At the end of the quiz children will see their score percentage as well as an overview of the questions, what they missed, the correct answers and solutions. This can easily be printed or if you have a pdf printer program you can save it to your computer. When a child is completed with all of the lessons a pop up box will appear letting them know what award level certificate they have received. If they wish to receive a higher level award they can easily opt to try again by answering more questions. Questions can be attempted as many times as you want and they will get a different set each time. For lower grade levels the final score is taken from an average of the last 3 attempts.

    Not her greatest score she apparently didn't realize you could drag the object to the ruler.

    My children loved it when they received an award certificates! Here is what they look like.

    In the parent portal you can easily add new students, view student activity, check reports and view/print certificates. You can also change email notifications. If you are signed up to receive reports via email you will get instant notifications when your child earns a certificate and weekly reports of their activity. You can also specify what the students pass grade must be!

    Wrap up:
    Whether you are looking for a homeschool math curriculum or an online math tutoring program for after school use CTC Math offers something for every family lifestyle. The program is interactive and multi-sensory so it fits a variety of learning styles. There was so much to love about this program including the affordable family pricing, parent report features, multiple grade level accessibility, program organization, self measured learning and more. The program is also great for on the go families and can be accessed from any computer or tablet that has internet access. It is definitely a program we will continue to utilize on a daily basis for math.

    We only experienced a few minor issues with CTC Math. One issue was that currently the only measurement system offered is the metric system, however after emailing the company an inquiry they promptly responded and informed me that standard measurements will be added in the future. The other minor issue was that the quizzes are not verbal so beginning readers will need assistance when it comes time to complete a quiz.

    Gwyn (8 yrs old) review:
    I really liked the lessons. They were short and understood math better. The quizzes weren't too bad either.

    Links to follow:
    -CTC Math Website
    -CTC Math Facebook
    -CTC Math Aus (Maths Online) Facebook

    Where to buy:
    The CTC Math 12 month family plan is currently $118.80 and offers families unlimited access to all grade levels for 2 or more students. Single student plans are also available.

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