Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Snuggle Up With A Good Christmas Book

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Reading books is one of our family's favorite pastimes. Throughout the year we read about 7-10 books a day on anything and everything!!! And on any given day when you walk into our home you will find about 100-150 library books sitting in a wagon waiting to have their pages turned.

Out of all the holidays to read books on though, Christmas is our favorite. Everyday in December we make sure we read at least one Christmas book (many times more) a day. We check out several Christmas books from the library and download lots of FREE Christmas Kindle eBooks too. And of course we have our own personal collection of Christmas books that we add one book to each year as a family tradition. Another tradition we started when we began homeschooling was learning about Christmas Around The World. The children really enjoy learning about the history of Christmas and how other cultures celebrate during this festive time of year.

Here are our top 10 favorite Christmas books:

1) The Christmas Tapestry

2) The Little Match Girl
3) Uncle Vovas Tree
4) The Sparkle Box
5) A Christmas Gift For Mama
6) The First Christmas Night

7) Legend of the Poinsetta
8) The Trees of the Dancing Goats
9) Room For A Little One
10) Legend of the Candy Cane

What is your family's favorite Christmas book?

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Kristina Best said...

Algebra, I actually like Math all the way around.

Sharon Dail Normark said...

I like Algebra the most, but I'm starting to really like Geometry!

Crystal Robin Cook said...


Becky said...

Algebra for me!

Tracey M. said...

I like Algebra! Math is my favorite subject to teach so it is hard to choose.

Sarah Lynne Dupree said...

Algebra for sure

Kristi said...

Algebra is my favorite. It just makes sense to me!

Lisa C said...

Geometry and statistics.

judi said...

business math because I love the real world application.

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