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10 Must Have Items In Your Primal/Paleo Pantry

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I mentioned recently in my Not Jut Tacos Review (Free eBook Promo) that we started the Primal Diet. I have also been posting pictures daily on Instagram of our yummy Primal Meals. We started eating Primal simply because we wanted to be healthier. I was very skeptical but thanks to my friend Almost Supermom we dumped the junk over 8 weeks ago and haven't looked back. After dealing with headaches and muscle pain since January (and refusing the treatments my doctors wanted to prescribe) I knew it was time to try something else...something natural and simple!!! I had only one doctor recommend a diet change over the last several months and that was my OBGYN. I began reading and getting information from my best friend and decided that changing the way we eat might be the answer I was looking for. During my research I had read about how the Primal Diet can help with alleviating muscle pain, stabilizing blood sugar levels in diabetics and overall mood...REALLY???? I still was skeptical but after our move we cleaned out the pantry and said goodbye to the oatmeal, cereal, chips, boxed food, bread, canned soups and cookies. I visited Aldis and filled our shopping cart with fruits, veggies, meats, milk, lots and lots of eggs, nuts, seeds and cheese instead. I paged through cookbooks, pinned recipes online and of course continued bugging my friend for advice.

It has been amazing!!! My muscle pain has improved a little and my reflux is pretty much gone. I am not completely healed though and fatigue and pain does still affect me. So I am also giving up dairy and soy as well. My husband who has Type 1 diabetes has notice significant changes with his blood sugar levels. They are staying consistently lower (he even had to back off his basal and bolus on his pump). His GI issues are on the road to repair. And the kids are less whiny and distracted.

I NEVER thought a diet change could our lives but it has! Thank you Almost Supermom for the encouragement!

Here are 10 Must Have Items In Your Primal Pantry:
1) Coconut Flour and Cocanut Oil
2) Spices
3) Fruit I buy fresh, canned (no syrup), dried and frozen.
4) Eggs lots and lots of eggs. We are going through about 3 dozen every 2 weeks.
5) Veggies - Again I buy fresh, canned and frozen.
6) Dairy products including milk, a variety of cheeses (sliced/blocked/shredded), cottage cheese, cream cheese, sour cream and yougurt (my family eats these but I no longer do)
7) Maple Syrup (the real stuff) and Organic Honey - great to use as a sweetner
8) Meat - Choose a nice variety to mix things up. I normally get ground beef, sausage, bacon, chicken, steak and pork chops.
9) Sunflower, Almond Butter or Natural Peanut Butter (great on celery with raisens)
10) Seeds and Nuts

And there you have it that is pretty much my Primal grocery list.

I should also mention that it has been over 9 weeks since I have had a coke!!!! Instead I drink tea to get my dose of caffeine!

Because of the impact this diet has had on our lives I will be blogging more about the Primal Diet. Be sure to visit my Recipes Pinterest Board for Primal recipe ideas. I also have a few posted here on my 365 Days of Pinterest Posts.

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Do you follow any particular diet?

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