Thursday, September 26, 2013

A+ TutorSoft Interactive Math Giveaway - 1 Year Online Subscription + 40% Off Discount Code

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A+ Interactive Math by TutorSoft Inc. is giving away a full year of the comprehensive online program!

A+ TutorSoft Interactive Math (grades K1 - Algebra 1) is a complete math program which will provide your child with a solid foundation in mathematics. It is NOT a supplemental program, although A+ does offer supplements for concepts including multiplication, division, fractions and more.

A+ offers several options to fit every homeschool families budget. It is the goal to provide every child the best math education possible by making the program affordable.

Current Specials for Online Interactive Program: 

$12 Monthly
$30 Quarterly 
$99 Yearly 
But . . . There's More . . .

With my special affiliate link - you can save an additional 40% off of the SALE PRICE! HURRY this deal ends October 5th. 

No credit card or contract required to sign up for the monthly subscription! Purchase a printed workbook for less than $25 if you prefer to do worksheets in text format. It includes exams and answer keys as well.  Enjoy both the online interactive teaching and use a text as well = the best of both worlds!

The new and improved A+ Interactive Math is a terrific solution for your homeschool. The team is developing new products to provide your family with the most effective math program on the market.

A+ Interactive Math is multi-sensory and uses visual, audio, and text - taking advantage of the 3 main learning models to ensure success for your student. Kids love the free printable "certificates of accomplishment" which encourage them along!

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Try it for FREE with a 1 Month Trial here 
FREE Placement Test with comprehensive report here

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Kayla Arrowood said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Really great curriculum!

Kelly said...

How does this compare with Primary Arts of Language from IEW? I am considering both of those for my coming K-er. Can you compare/contrast them for me?

Kathy Balman said...

We actually reviewed PAL too (I will be selling the curriculum). I liked PAL but for our on the go, short attention span, relaxed homeschool family it was not for us. It was too cumbersome. I liked Logic of English better between the two. Logic of English kept my kids engaged and the lessons were nice and short!

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