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Schooling in the Kitchen - 10 Lessons That Can Be Learned In The Kitchen

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Today I am sharing my thoughts on Schooling in the Kitchen. Have you ever thought of your kitchen as a homeschool classroom? Both of my kids enjoy spending time with me in the kitchen. There are so many things can be learned from the comfort of your kitchen and it's also a way to spend time together and make special memories.

Top 10 Things That Can Be Learned In The Kitchen

1) Math Skills - measuring, fractions, money, conversions and more can be taught in the kitchen.
2) Reading/Vocabulary Skills - kids can work on their reading and vocabulary skills while in the kitchen by reading recipes and ingredient labels and by learning the names and purposes of tools and ingredients.
3) Science Skills - like why does baking soda help baked good rise, why do eggs help bind, etc.
4) Arts and Crafts - have you ever tried your hand at making homemade playdough, salt dough maps, floam, goo, lipgloss, bouncy balls? There are so many fun things you can make in your kitchen, utilizing common household ingredients be sure to check out my Craft Recipe pinterest board.
5) Teamwork - working together as a team is an important skill and by spending time together as a family in the kitchen your children will be able to learn what it means to work as a team. Each person can have a job in the kitchen...even the littlest ones can help out by being a taste tester or a timer watcher. My kids generally take turns stirring, dumping ingredients, measuring, etc.
6) Life Skills - I don't know about you but I don't plan on cooking for my kids forever. Cooking is a very important life skill that all children both boys and girls need to learn. There are also other life skills like that can be learned like time-management, organization, planning, responsibility and confidence!!
7) Health Skills - while working with your kids in the kitchen you can teach them about eating healthy, making healthy choices and how food nourishes our bodies. Kids can also learn about food safety, kitchen safety and cleanliness.
8) Photography - so you know I got a new camera well my new camera actually has a food scene mode. Silly right? Well I decided to research why and apparently food photography is becoming very popular so I guess to make it a little easier for the amateurs there is now a food mode on many cameras.
9) History and Geography - over Christmas we had so much fun making Christmas dinners from around the World. Through this the children learned not only about cooking but also about geography and history. I had a great time making memories with my children as I taught them all about our German ancestry.
10) Foreign Language - can you pronounce masala dosa, poutine, ankimo, kebab? Well why not try making some dishes you cannot pronounce and learn a foreign language while your at it?

There is a great $1 express lapbook on A Journey Through Learning called Cooking Day. You can view the sample here.

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Check out these great Free resources:
-The Nourishing Home has a free printable that lists age appropriate tips and ideas.
-Clemson Cooperative Extension has some great tips as well as a list of some books that encourage children to cook.
-A dear blogger friend of mine does a great link up each week called Kids in the Kitchen. She is the mom to 3 boys who love cooking.
-Be sure to check out all the great kids cooking resources on YouTube like Telmo and Tula and Weelicious.
-This homeschool website has lots of great links to kitchen math resources.
-The USDA has lots of great links to resources for nutrition, safety and more.
-Betty Crocker has lots of fun, kid friendly recipes.

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What is something fun you have made recently with your kids in the kitchen?

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